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  1. I was planning on doing range, but Im kinda poor, so could I possibly do it with black d hide and karils bow?
  2. Hey all, I was going to attempt the Tzharr fight caves, and I was wondering if some pro's or veterans of the caves could tell me if my stats are sufficient to do it. I have: 85 range 70 defence 75 hitpoints 70 mage 53 prayer Can someone also tell me what kinds of potions I should bring, or if I should bring certain food, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :mrgreen: P.S. Is it true that pures have done caves before? If so, I definitely should have a chance.
  3. I was wondering wat bow is better overall, and with duel arena. Is it better to use maple short or willow comp bow? Also, can someone tell me if comp bows are good at certain things? Or if they have a specific use? :mrgreen:
  4. I was thinking of having 60 attack and 60 strength before i go to the bounty hunter caves. I was wondering, is it better to get more strength and have lower attack, or should i get at least 60 attack to go with my 60 strength so I hit more often? I think of it this way: I don't hit as hard as everybody else, but I hit more often, making them eat more, and giving me an advantage.
  5. So what your saying is that just standing in the same spot for a while gives you a better chance at the mime event? I was moving around while i was fishing and woodcutting. Also, i would like to know how so many macroers get mime even though they are moving around and doing log runs. I just dont understand how i couldnt have possibly gotten the mime by now. Played for almost 3 years!
  6. im totally serious, i would rather have mine than 100 blue p hats, no lie. Also, if you looked at my stats online and you would see just how long I have been leveling my skills up. I have been fishing for a long time, and woodcutting for a long time, but nothing happens. By the way, Yumz is not the name of my game account. My fishing and woodcutting are both 67
  7. I have been playing Runescape for almost 3 years, and I haven't gotten a single mime event. Plz can someone tell me what they did to get mime event, or anything they noticed that makes event appear more often. I WOULD RATHER HAVE A MIME MASK THAN 100 BLUE P HATS!!!!!!!!!
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