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  1. i see ur point but i never see any1 chating cept my clan actually im thinking of going bak to wow im getting borad in rs now that school started my friends r no t on as much =[.....well if i do start u can add my character i guess....idk if its the acc name or character so ill give u both :XD: account:bellophoron(greek hero in myth times) character:janaros(i had a warlock and that was name of my imp ...right now my char. is a hunter i have a pet stalker from elf place soon A WOOLFY FTW !!!!!!!!! \ \ ) and wats ur acc name and char name???(btw im only lvl 16 i used trial thingy only played half time) well if u wanna add me u can if not idc ~~DietyofDeath~~ i would be happy to add you, im on the nagrand realm, 'mazrack' is the character i have my own guild so feel free to join thanks lara too
  2. thanks diety for all the posts, much apreciated the graphics are good but most of all the actual comunity is better its nothing compared to Tip.it of course, but no one swears, no scamming (or very little), everyone is up for a laugh and stuff, while in rs people just say go away and stuff when people ask things, i just rather WoW, thats all for now
  3. i dont go on MSN simply because i cant while playing WoW im level 35 now, levelling is very different on WoW good to see you post again heph.... NO WOLFY?! YAAAARGH!
  4. whats the brown swordy thing? awesome you asre doing well, not far to go now!
  5. join the club bro, if i said 'sad to see you go' i owuld sound like an idiot. so im gonna say, good luck irl hope you make as much money as you did on rs Dude/Wolf/Maz
  6. its small ,dummy, because your resolution is big =D> meh, they alway compress the other skills
  7. its not losing stuff its just that now in rs i would just be sitting around doing nothing....well too late now, rs membership is BOOMed :D sorry :cry:
  8. thanks pure i have made my desision i am going to quit for WoW it is an amazing game with a map so many times bigger than runescape check general P2P for topic
  9. thanks rod iv tried WoW, and its amazing, i thought id rather rs, but im just so bored of rs now, nothing to do really so i may become a WoW member, dunno
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