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  1. No need to draw it, just do what i did and make it in text. You just have to know how many doors each room can have... Floor 1: [ Kitchen ][Throne Room][Portal Chamber] [ Dining Room ][skill Hall ][ Combat Room ] [ Games Room ][ Parlour ][ Chapel ] [Garden ][Formal Garden ] Floor 2: [bedroom ][ Workshop ][bedroom] [ Study ][Quest Hall ][bedroom] Basement: [ Oubliette ] [ Dungeon ] [Treasure Room]
  2. noobdy is gonna believe me so i don't know why i'm posting this lol... but yeah, me and my bud SSJ4 were among the first 5 to beat the dragon slayer quest, would have been first and second if there wasn't a glitch in the boat's hole that slowed us down 2 - 3 hours... and i still have the rune plate, making it one of the first plates in the game I also helped MysticsMagic get to 70 crafting (first person to make it there) and ended up with the seventh diamond amulet in the game (which I still have) I also spent my entire bank (minus the rares) on 3 rune ore, and mined 800 gold bars to get a rune battle axe when only blue could smith it but yeah, the good old days were awesome, i remember on april 1 2001 there was an april fools joke, or just a hack attempt to someone get into the player house area, people thought they were opening and waited in varrok, little did we know we'd have to wait 5 more years for the player houses lol.... the days of only lumbridge/varrok/al kharid, good and evil magic skills, prayer having no ability at all, chefs hats costing 2k when teh guild came out (which is like 40 million with today's prices), days of pile jumpers, pking everywhere, healing in the cabbage patch, meat being the only good food.... i could go on forever. WOw typed more than i thought i would, but yeah i've been playing since January 2001 and can post a lot more stories/screens from the past if anyone is actually interested in the ramblings of an old runescape man
  3. :D :D :D oh, and merciful, the one i'm talking about is more old skool than that mikeob1 i'm pretty sure you know which one i'm talking about edit: here it is, http://web.archive.org/web/200106221634 ... escape/bb/
  4. Can we please get that skin back, i was a member of the first tip.it forum, and i really miss that skin, it was brown... i'm sure any old skoolers would remember it, and at one point the newer boards had that skin, so can we get it back for this forum?
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