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What Not to Post


A Website Discussion Guide


Tip.It was RuneScape's very first fansite. At first, it started out as a fairly small community, but, over time, has grown to be a large community with over 200,000 registered members - with even more that only use the official website.


This forum, Website Discussion, is for you to post and discuss changes that you believe should be made on the site. Over time, hundreds of topics have been posted in this forum, and, with that, members have doubled and tripled in population.


The purpose of this thread was to provide you with what you need to know - what not to post in the Website Discussion forum.


The following is a list of suggestions that do not warrant a topic.

  • Main Website Private/Public Blogging
    Forum.Tip.It contains a forum called BlogScape, where you can post a blog for all to see and reply to. If you really wanted a blogging system, you could go to BlogScape and make one. Most likely the same people would view it, and the only difference is that one is on the website and the other is on the forum. If you want to have a private blog, you can make one on your computer in a text file such as Notepad or Wordpad.
  • "What Will you Look Like?" Tool
    Due to bandwidth and server space, uploading images of all wearable items in RuneScape and making a tool that will merge them together would limit Tip.It on what it releases.
  • Tip.It Videos/Flash
    Once again, Tip.It is limited on server space and bandwidth, and videos for anything have been rejected. Videos and flash use loads of server space and bandwidth that is more practical for other uses.
  • Any Advertising Complaint
    Tip.It uses Google Adsense for its advertising needs - it brings in income to help pay for the site. TIP.IT DOES NOT PURPOSELY ALLOW ANY BAD OR NON-RUNESCAPE RULE-ABIDING AD TO BE DISPLAYED!!! If you want to report an advertisement, do so HERE.
  • Multi-Language Tip.It
    Tip.It does not have the time nor the staff to translate all of our content into a language other than its current form, English. If we released a bilingual Tip.It, we would have to manually update all of our current content and all of our future content, which would be a task so large it would be considered impractical.
  • Maximum Hit Guides
    Tip.It strives to offer maximum hit information for all equipment setups that we can, but we simply do not have enough data for all. However, we do welcome data for us to work with!

The following is a list of topic themes that do not warrant a topic.


  • Questions
    This forum is not for any questions regarding the Tip.It website. If you have a question, feel free to private message any Tip.It Crewbie or a Tip.It Administrator.
  • Any Ideas/Suggestions/Comments Regarding Forum.Tip.It
    ALL forum-related ideas, comments, or suggestions should be posted in the Forum Updates and Suggestions board. This forum is for the website only. Please take ten seconds to decipher the difference in the board names.
  • Updates for Current Content
    In order to ensure satisfaction of our users, Tip.It takes time to write and manage all of our content. Please do not post topics about things that need to be added. Any content that would help an update should be posted in the Website Updates and Corrections board.

This topic will be subject to change without notice as more topics in the Website Discussion forum become locked or rejected for any reason. To make sure you don't post a topic that will be immediately considered spam, be sure you simply read the subheadings in both lists - it won't take long.


Feel free to post, discussing this topic or suggesting things that should be on this topic.


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