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  1. We're currently working on accurately integrating the Stealing Creation rewards into our calculators and planners. Thank you!
  2. Hey! To be honest, I have no clue what was originally wrong with it lol. I search the part of the code where it calculated Prayer but couldn't find anything that would cause it to do that. However, that wasn't the only problem it had, so I just decided to rewrite most of the code. I was able to make it more accurate and shorten it about 200 lines by adding loops to the calculations. Now, it simulates the player turning in each set of points (by ones, tens, or hundreds) and calculates the new XP after each set is exchanged. If you gain a level, your tickets will be worth more, and it now takes that into account. The only thing it can't calculate is the possibility of gaining levels while you're simply playing the game, but trying to calculate that is basically impossible. Thanks!
  3. That really seems like a very good idea! :thumbup: I'll get other people to look at this and see what they think.
  4. I'm terribly sorry that nobody else has posted. Tip.It is currently working on some back-end changes at the moment that could effect the functionality of special tools such as the High Alch Calculator if we update them now. As soon as it is safe to do so, I will look into this. Thank you so much for your suggestion!
  5. 83 XP would make sense, because you get half of the XP for carving the bow and the other half for attaching the string, 41.5 XP each, for a total of 83 XP per bow. But since you only use the knife in carving the bow, it would make doing that worth 83 XP and adding the string simply 41.5 XP, but that's not included in the calculation. Thank you for the correction!
  6. It looks to me like several things on the Pest Control Calculator need to be updated. Thank you for the info! I'll be working on it.
  7. Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Moderate Antisocial: Low Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant: Low Dependent: Moderate Obsessive-Compulsive: High ~Rcty
  8. I refreshed this topic while I was writing the news and saw your name before ( 8-) ) I read your post, and that made me remember. If I hadn't, I would have figured it out...eventually... :-# ~Rcty
  9. Hi! This week's poll is about voice programs. Which do you prefer: TeamSpeak or Ventrilo? This was suggested by Killerred005! >>> Vote Now! <> View the Results <<< The poll is still the old one... Press [F5] or [Apple+R] to force a full reload of the page. ~Rcty
  10. How do you like the Grand Exchange information in the Items Database entries? We want to know! >>> Vote Now! <> View the Results <<< Poll not loading like you demanded it to? Press F5 or Apple+R to force a full reload. ~Rcty
  11. This week's poll question asks, Which of the new Jagex store items is your favorite? Discuss your answer with the community on this topic. >>> Vote Now! <> View the Results <<< Darned poll won't load? Press F5 or Apple+R to force a full page reload. ~Rcty
  12. What'cha looking forward to most in September? That's what this week's poll asks! >>> Vote Now! <> View the Results <<< Poll being dumb and not loading? Press F5 (PCs) or Apple+R (Macs) to force a full reload of the page. ~Rcty
  13. We've got a guest article this week! In The Gold Crunch, by PhaperPlane, an aspect of bringing back parts of the Wilderness is brought up that could be overlooked through all the excitement. >>> The Gold Crunch <<< ~Rcty
  14. It's that time of year again! :mrgreen: Time for school to start (for some), so it seems that a poll asking what limits your playing time the most is in order. >>> Vote Now! <> View the Results <<< That darned poll not loading? Press F5 or Apple+R to force a full page reload. ~Rcty
  15. Hello! This week's poll is a very simple question: Are you using the Tip.It Dynamic Signatures? Please vote and then discuss your answer on this topic! >>> Vote Now! <> View the Results <<< New poll a no-show? Try navigating to any page on the Tip.It website and press F5 to force a full reload (on some browsers, Safari users press Apple+R). ~Rcty
  16. This week, Ts_Stormrage has written an article over the need to achieve and how we obtain that. >>> Why So Serious... <<< ~Rcty
  17. The only way to catch the bad signatures that people make is by checking every single one. Yes, most are not going to break the rules, but we still want to catch the obscene ones. We try to get them approved as fast as possible, though. :) ~Rcty
  18. Yes, you will be e-mailed if it is approved or rejected. :) ~Rcty
  19. What detail do you play RuneScape in? It's been awhile since they released the graphic update, and by now most have a set preference. Vote today! >>> Vote Now! <> View the Results <<< Having problems getting the poll to initially load? Press F5 to force a full page reload, and the poll should then appear. ~Rcty
  20. This week, Li Chef has provided us with a guest article over the Grand Exchange. We hope you enjoy it! >>> Grand Exchange - Help or Hindrance? <<< ~Rcty
  21. How many people you are related to play RuneScape? The question's fairly simple, and really only you can answer it. :mrgreen: (Thank you to Beethovens29 for suggesting it!) >>> Vote Now! <> View Results <<< Having problems getting the poll to initially load? Press F5 on your computer to force a full reload of the page, this should fix the problem! Enjoy! ~Rcty
  22. This week, we've got two articles in one for you! Turtlefemm and Das have both happily written a piece of writing, and we hope you enjoy them! >>> Double Feature! <<< ~Rcty
  23. I don't care how funny you want it to be to you, making fun of 9/11 like that is simply despicable. ~Rcty
  24. Oh wow that was a really big difference. :ohnoes: Took me a little bit, but I finally figured out what was happening. It was adding on the bonus from the total XP you would have after the calculation, not just the bonus part. It should be fixed now, thank you so much! ~Rcty
  25. I can confirm the first one, but if a user could confirm the second one (and take a look at this topic whilst doing so), that would be great! ~Rcty
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