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Ghostly Robes


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You either took the wrong path, or your missing something. Did you skip a step? Since you can see and talk to him...you have your ring and amulet... hmmmm. Are you missing a quest? Let me go look at something.




Alright, you must have STARTED dessert treasure.




Did you talk to the ghost at glarial's tomb first to get your path?




Have you gone through the entire dialogue with the ghost, you have to restart it if the bandits keep attacking you, so lock them in the general store/pizza hut.




If you have done all these things, talk to glarial again, and make sure that he said NORTHEAST somewhere in the conversation....

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I do recall seeing Glarial say something about directions but I clicked through it quickly because I have a guide. But I go up to the ghost after trapping all the bandits and my character just says these little small-talk things like here's an example


Zap: Hello there.


Ghost: The endless tragedy of fate... why must you torment me so?


Zap: Alright, alright, calm down, calm down. All I said was "Hello"!


Yeah then the conversation ends and they just keep saying things like that back and forth

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