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Another pixel avatar WIP: How do I do wood texture :|


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Well, I am making another avatar, but this time it is for RSI (Runescape Investors).




A few WIP's I have done on it. I will be done soon so I posted it. I am stuck on the paper & the wood table.








[hide=Previous WIP's]rsidefjs7.png


The idea sketch






Progress! Added in the face and shirt base color






More Progress! Added some detail into the Shirt & Jacket.[/hide]

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I really, really like it. I think you have done a ood job, thus so afr. Can't wait till i see the final piece. Looks amazing. The colours and technique done for the clothes helps it. And the linework is very good.




Keep up the good work!

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It looks pretty good and promising so far, but I think you added a few too many folds in the clothing. Try looking at how clothing folds in RL, and you'll see that there usually aren't that many folds.




But, good job so far.


pixel avvy by me deviantART

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