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  1. ... Wut? Sinterklaas = Santa Clause Nope, it's a Dutch tradition: http://www.galactic-guide.com/articles/13R2.html. Kind of the Dutch equivalent for Christmas, although that is also celebrated by most people in the Netherlands. But yeah, what Felix said. :grin:
  2. Jopie211


    I approve. It's awesome. :thumbup:
  3. Jopie211


    Thank you both. :D/ EDIT: Damn you, stupid smiley.
  4. 9/10. I really like it, sort of reminds me of the Dark Side Of The Moon artwork. Skip me, just wanted to express my love for Adrenal's signature. :razz:
  5. Nice stuff, I really like all of them. The first one is probably my favourite though, the geometricness of everything works really well.
  6. Jopie211


    Thanks all. :grin: Yeah I agree it's lacking in realism in some areas, especially the pond and sky.
  7. Jopie211


    First pixel thing in a long time, this took a while to finish but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Comments are very welcome, I don't think I'll make any changes to this because I'm just glad it's finally finished, but I'll definitely take in into account for future pixel art. I'm working on an avvy for Skully right now as well, so I'll probably be updating this with the WIPs of that one too.
  8. I agree about the new smileys, I really miss that dancing one. :cry: I like the old ones better anyway, they were more original because of their little chins and I just prefer that style.
  9. Thanks guys. :grin: Finished version I think. Pretty paranoid of ripping right now since there is no huge username on it or anything, but meh.
  10. has no idea what to put in that About Me thing.

  11. Before I post the completely finished version, would you like any text or some sort of border on it?
  12. That star thing is awesome. Please keep doing this, you're so much better than most people who just started and you seem to be improving rapidly as well.
  13. I really like your photography, especially that second new one. The newer large art is pretty good too.
  14. I'm not even going to bother criticizing the entire thing any more, but if you're going to draw something that is supposed to be somewhat straight, please, at least make it look not strangely tilted to one side (an example of this is the Draconic Mage stuff). EDIT: Typo.
  15. Why? It's always good to experiment, and even if you "screw it up", you can just go back to the previous version (which you did of course save, because you are a clever penguin and not a silly goose). Anyway, I kind of like the colour scheme but the effects aren't doing it for me. I agree with Sam as well, needs moar lighting.
  16. Jopie211


    Looks pretty good, I like it. I think it works much better as a signature though, the large piece just has a bit too much uninteresting space around the focal point.
  17. This should be in the questions sticky. And you're a mod. Tsk tsk. :razz:
  18. I agree, it looks pretty decent. Personally I don't like the shininess of everything though, I'd prefer a much simpler, more elegant and less bulky interface. I'm not a fan of the font sizes of everything (topic titles, usernames, etc.) either, everything is so big. Is that something you would be able to change dsavi?
  19. Yeah I pretty much agree with Nadril. The signatures aren't fantastic, but considering it's RS-related it could be a whole lot worse. About the second web design, the thing that jumps out immediately is the way those speech bubble links contrast with the background. The scanlines and sharp, black shadows just don't work well with it at all, and seem very out of place.
  20. Bump. I've been pretty busy lately, but now that the new forums are up I assure you I'll start working on this again. :razz:
  21. Definitely going to take a lot of time to get used to, I'm confused.
  22. I quite like it, although there are a few things I would change: - Maybe categorize the images; have two rows of photographs and then some sort of divider (or just some space between the last row of photograph and the next one). - Have the 'Contact me' text in the same size as the 'Who?' text, and get rid of the : at the end of it. Not a major thing obviously, but I just think it would make the text area look more balanced in terms of focal points. - Something about the background colour is bothering me, I don't really like that shade of grey. Maybe use a slightly darker grey for the background, but then I'd make the text colour slightly darker too to avoid hurting some people's eyes. :P I do like the fact that everything is on one page, when visiting someone's portfolio I don't really like having to go through multiple pages, I think this is a good way to present the image thumbnails as well as the information about yourself.
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