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  1. Can't you just activate the "Pop up window on new private message" option under Board preferences? That's pretty much the same thing, it will show you when you have a new message.
  2. Congratulations everyone. Also, hobgoblin, you're going to be moderating The Gallery right?
  3. Jopie211

    New LPs

    #1: Definitely not your best piece. I think the mainly clean style of the pentool lines, dotted texture and vector-style lines doesn't really go well with elements that would be associated with a messier - for the lack of a better word - style, like the splatters. You need to pick one of those styles IMO and stick to it, I'm not saying they can't work together, but usually it's quite hard to combine them successfully and I don't think you've managed to do so here. #2: Really like it, just get rid of the scanlines bar to the right. This one does work very well, because you've got clouds, textures, splatters, two stocks that make up the main focal and a brown-ish colour scheme. It all has that 'messy' look (apart from the scanlines :P ), and everything flows well IMO.
  4. Jopie211

    The End.

    But not everyone deserves one. Acejack is miles ahead of most people in The Gallery concerning digi paintings. So either show something better or give the guy some damn respect for a true work of art. Everyone does. Just because I can't paint like Picasso, Van Gogh, or whoever, doesn't mean I can't say that I don't like a certain painting they made. Just because I can't really take anything better than holiday snapshots, doesn't mean I am not allowed to voice my opinion and say that I think a certain photograph sucks artistically. Whether the artist, AceJack in this case, decides to take my opinion seriously, is of course an entirely different matter. But in a world where everyone would constantly be afraid to say what they think about something just because they may not be 'worthy' of an opinion, there wouldn't be a lot of improvement in artists' works at all. Anyway, OT: I really like the concept and general idea, but certain areas need refining. The 'explosion' or whatever that the guy is running from looks quite sloppy in places, at the top for example. Also, the guy's arm looks like it consists of two separate pieces, which is a bit strange. But I like the detail on the ground/pieces of wood, that works really well, and same goes for the colour scheme. Though the red thing in the bottom left looks out of place, what is it?
  5. I agree. Designing a character yourself and making sprites out of that deserves praise if it looks good, this doesn't. Also, a green Kirby just looks wrong.
  6. The C4Ds, colours and lighting look fine to me, you seem to have a pretty good eye for flow as well. I just don't like the smudging much, the settings look decent but IMO it would look a lot better if it was less of a linear gradient, and more of a texture with darker and brighter colours mixed in everywhere. Yeah, terrible explanation. #-o
  7. I like it, looks good. The way the animation loops is quite strange though, but maybe you were going to fix that later anyway. Maybe make the animation as a whole a little bit slower too, or have the row of blocks flash a few times before it disappears.
  8. That's really cool, I like the icosahedrons. No idea how hard these are to make since the most complicated thing I can make is a paper plane, but they look really impressive.
  9. Jopie211

    I liek pie.

    Agreed. I really like your style, but I don't think the messiness and the washed-out colours work that well here. It's just a bit too much of a monotone mess at the moment, it works for the background but I also think the characters in the foreground need to be defined a bit more.
  10. Jopie211

    Hi again

    I do. Awesome stuff, easily some of the best tags I've seen here in ages.
  11. Completed Prince Ali Rescue and started Dragon Slayer. Need to finish that and find someone to do Shield of Arrav with, then I'll have completed all F2P quests. :mrgreen: Also got 52 Mining, I'll update later.
  12. Totally awesome/10.
  13. Finally getting somewhere, I suppose.
  14. Did Vampire Slayer and Doric's Quest... Prince Ali Rescue, Shield of Arrav and then Dragon Slayer are next.
  15. I quite like the colours (especially on the left) and the sketchy look of the whole thing. I'm not a big fan of the right side, but I really think it looks pretty good.
  16. ^ Meh, you never know, but it may be a good idea to implement a rule with the minimum postcount that's required to vote (100+ or something).
  17. Yeah, especially Witch's Potion. Was so damn hard. :-w
  18. Completed Witch's Potion and Black Knights' Fortress. :roll:
  19. 60 Fishing, will update later. Also did Ernest The Chicken. :lol:
  20. Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, most of my goals shouldn't be too hard, I'm not looking forward to a lot of questing though. D:
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