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  1. Spada

    Hi again

    thanks for all the comments =) and I've tried to make LP's but its too hard and they usually look very crappy >__> I was bored and coloured a b/w stock: btw, this time i bookmarked this forum so i will be coming here more often ;) hi sam
  2. Spada

    Hi again

    dunno if anyone remembers me
  3. Nice style ;) I like the glows and blending.
  4. Spada

    Moar fractals

    http://fc07.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/ ... mowild.png hot colours and nice effects.
  5. Spada

    Spadas Tags

    No, I don't. I hate borders in tags.
  6. The first one would be great with better contrast and colours.
  7. Spada

    Spadas Tags

    Ofc you recognice a team mate, I'm TheBlade :D btw the detective emoticon rulz
  8. Spada

    Spadas Tags

    I haz 2 new >:o I winz agin becuz of animu?
  9. Spada

    Spadas Tags

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