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  1. I dont know yet, I have to go some of it´s features first. The content aware filter must be awesome though :smile: I´m still using CS3, which keeps on doing what I need.
  2. I did not expect to see the kind of quality in the second dog photo, its pretty good for a video camera. You do seem to need a fair amount of light to get useful stuff out of it, I think it will work best in outdoor conditions. Keep experimenting with it, once you feel like you want to expand your vision (and you want more features), you could always upgrade to a 'real' camera.
  3. 6 is by far the best, I like the way the water flows. Lots of stuff to see, it's not the average 'trip photo' I would say. Maybe a diagonal crop would have worked out good too, but a horizontal one doesnt look bad at all. Keep it up :)
  4. I´ve been away for months too, decided to take a look... I never expected to see you back here :) Good to see you're still photographing, I am still doing it too (and probably will do it until I die)... lots of things happened, good to see you here ;) EDIT: I really like the photo of the girl, a shame you cant post the rest of the photos.
  5. I've seen image presentations like this on many portfolio sites and it tends to work well, so I wouldnt change that. The thing is, at first I see your work at the right, which is nice to look at. Then I see all this text which results in a dilemma: Will I read the introduction or should I keep looking at the images? My eyes go left, right, and it keeps on going like that, I think you should try to separate both. A simple horizontal navigation with just the basic items in it will suffice. (Home - About (< Contains text which is currently at the left) - Contact)
  6. Nice man, congratulations on winning the £50 :thumbsup:
  7. The shading on the horns isnt symmetrical, while the whole piece seems to be. (Its not, but you get my point) Other than that, good work.
  8. The portraits with the white backgrounds look very professional, some might lack framing but they still look great. @ the three portraits on white background in 'Old post': Very well performed, these would do pretty well as stock photos. Try to work on the framing, thats my only tip. Lots of designers are looking for photos like these, but they decline them because they cant really do what they want with them (because they're cut off). Keep going :)
  9. Not at all :) I'm not sure about what you did in this piece, is the pack of gum a stock? Nothing to critique, it looks good. A bit too big for my screen though. OT: Both the site and the artists are fantastic.. One of those artists has a dA account, for those who care.
  10. Wow, Kuler is great. I used another site for a long time (cant recall, its on my laptop), this one seems to be great too.
  11. I came back from France today, so I didnt have any time to enter in the last competition :) I've seen some great landscapes, will show some of them later on. Congratulations to the winners, I liked the entries :thumbup: Lets see if I can enter something this time, architecture is a great theme.
  12. My father quit cold turkey, he was a smoker for ~15 years but he got rid of it in 3 days. He was simply very hard to himself, he threw them all away and quit. I dont know what his techniques were, but I know people can quit if they are really willing to.
  13. The first one rocks. Not sure if you cut his hand off, or the render was just like that but it still looks great :thumbup:
  14. woopidoo2

    Hi again

    Nice work there, you should really try to do some large pieces (if you did not start doing that already) Your name doesnt ring a bell, but I see you sure know how to create signatures/tags :thumbup:
  15. That doesnt always work, the sky will blow out if the sun is simply too bright. Nothing could prevent that, unless you use some strong ND filter. (Or, you merge multiple exposures, but thats a different story) I like the subtle gradient in the second one, you tried to devide the scene which I like too. Keep it up :) Learning Japanese takes too much time... Learn Russian instead :thumbup:
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