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  1. By saying Americans have blood on their hands because of the actions of our president is like saying we've got blow under our nose compliments of George W. Bush. Or pot that we smoked but didn't inhale thanks to Bill Clinton. The gitmo and other detainee abuse has been going on long before Obama took office, and will go on long after Obama leaves office, just due to the sheer bureaucracy and polarizing partisanism of our country. So, no, you can't equate the two things together. besides, when was the last time a homeless/iraqi/terrorist earned the title of man's best friend?
  2. Thanks :thumbsup: I'm looking to get a new car though, the transmission is about shot in it after all the miles. Im trying to get a cobalt so i can get to school and pay less
  3. 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix 2 door :D Bought it with 180,000 miles for $500, and fixed a headgasket. its made it to 208,000 miles thanks to a college commute P.S.- Yes, that is a convertible dodge dakota in the background. one of 4000 some from the factory =D>
  4. I spent three days doing that activity. then walked the red light district at night only to be deafened by the girls rings on the window. I did gain a lot of weight, considering i ate 4 big macs the one day in one sitting...
  5. I didn't expect to see any responses by the time i got back :thumbsup: But I've been trying to wean myself, its 2:42 Eastern and I've only had one today. So that method may come to fruition. But I've heard about the electric cigarettes, but I don't really get the gist of them and what they are. I'm working at the moment and dont have the time to look into it, im only on a few minute break. But thanks again to you posters! BTW- These are my first few posts in over 5 years :oops:
  6. I am going through a rough time with quitting smoking. Can anyone in here give some input or tips to help? Or strategies to keep my mind off of it? Discuss any stories or words you have to offer! P.S.- Please don't go on the streaks about "how smoking is so bad for you!!!!", I know it is, and that's why I'm quitting.
  7. So.. I noticed I no longer get the summoning tab at the bottom for kittens? Is this intended or has it been mentioned? I've been up for over a day and cant remember reading it. HOW CAN I TAKE CARE OF MY KITTY JAGEX.. HOW?!?!? P.S.- First post in probably 4 years or so. =D>
  8. Ok. In my household, we have a wireless network, and i have my tower running with a wireless card. I would have liked to hardwired it from the router, but it was impossible in my circumstance. I would like to find a solution around that though. Is there a receiver i could get that links wirelessly to the rest of my network, so i can hardwire my room devices (ps2, computer, and ps3 in november)? It may be a stupid question, but i never really dove into wireless before. If there is a product you'd reccomend, let me know. All help is appreciated. :pray:
  9. Thanks guys but what is M2? Im kinda just starting to dive into computer stuff again, and im clueless on it
  10. Hey all, ive been looking to upgrade my new computer but it seems to run fine at the moment. The specs are Athlon 64bit running at 2.2 ghz 512 mb ram 200gb hd ati radeon xpress 200 gfx Its a compaq SR1630NX and it runs counterstrike and day of defeat pretty well, but i was looking at different things to upgrade in the future. What do you suggest upgrading first and what manufacturer? Thanks
  11. Does anyone know of any price estimations for the playstation? I am just curious...
  12. I think its a software problem, as i ran system restore and havent been inactive and its stayed from restarting, but ill be back if it does. Thanks much.
  13. Ok Im havin some problems, my computer restarts when at random while im on the internet. I think it could have to do with being inactive, but i dont know where to start. Ill be watching the thread, so if you have any questions or suggestions all will help.
  14. Never been there, Can you give me a city its close too by chance? Thanks
  15. Well summers creeping up, and I figured I'd start a rollercoaster thread. Post some good ones if youd like, or just discuss ones youve been on. Ill start by saying i live in central pennsylvania, and went on hershey parks and kennywood's rollercoasters, and i was looking for anyone who can reccomend something close to pennsylvania. Thanks
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