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  1. Just glue won't work? The best way would probably be to poke the feathers through the mask if you can, and fix from below. Or just get a feather bower, cut it up, and stick it along the back of the head?
  2. Hey all, haven't posted here in years but thought it'd be a pretty good place to get an international opinion on things :) Living in Australia there isn't much of an emphasis on Halloween, but this year i just happened to be invited to two Halloween parties, so had to pull together some sort of costume. Never having done it before i decided to go all out and ended up sewing (with a little help from the grandmother!) a Max from Where The Wild Things Are costume. Quite a task, but i reckon the end result was totally worth the hardship (and blood, stabbed myself with a needle putting the butons on). One of the parties was last night and the other tomorrow, so i've thrown a few bad pictures up from last night, i'll add some better ones on sunday. The piece of paper pinned to my chest is a nametag that says max btw. Would love to see what other people have dreamed up for the occasion. Any Halloween Costume-related goodness is welcome, best costumes you've seen, great ideas, easy things to do etc. And you have to love the passion:
  3. I can definitely feel the emotion within the photographs, so well done with that. Would probably have gone with less fingerprints on the first one :P I also think the set would be stronger without the last one in the set.
  4. [hide=long explanation of how i got the london job]Tim i got lucky really, i was working in a school as an assitant on a 'gap' year from australia and i made it known that i was good with a camera, they started hiring me freelance to cover events and such until long story short they offered me a job and i stayed on four months longer than i had originally intended to. Designed an advertising campaign for them, did the graphic design & production on a number of publications for them, principal photography for a new prospectus and was 3/4 of the way through producing a short advertising film/documentary for them until their large abbey church renovations got delayed by 6 months and i had to return to aus without finishing it. Was meant to fly back over but they ran out of money because of the whole delayed thing. [/hide] Tim - dude, screw the haters. You're not going to get anywhere if you get bogged down by those pessimists. Having an interest in photography but not understanding every aspect in it is nothing to be ashamed of. No one can claim to know everything about it, least of all me, i'm only twenty, and there are SO many different areas of photography. I learn something about photography every time i go out and shoot or every time i meet someone who's into it and have a chat, you're always learning. Do a tafe course, it'll give you a great foundation upon which you can develop your own style and research a more specific area that you think you might be interested in. At the end of the day it's about the photos you do take and the connections you forge; tafe or university is a great place for that. When you have a vogue cover under your belt, or a spread in national geographic, or a ginormous billboard, or your head of marketing for apple, or you're famous after pioneering space photography no one is going to say 'pfft did you hear he did a tafe course?'. Neither are they going to quiz you about what f stop you shot your latest work at, you can get too hung up on the technical details of a photo and never try something new to make it truely outstanding. Photography is a visual medium and it's all about conveying meaning and telling a story. Obviously having an in-depth knowledge of the technical side of what you're doing is going to help you achieve getting the image in your mind to the inside of your camera, but it's only a tool. I only know what i know because it interests me and i enjoy discovering new things, reading on the internet about photography etc. Interest is key. Steve - If you want to get into developing your own film then you definitely have to do a course, it's not worth the hassle and the trial and error to do it yourself. There's a photography centre here in sydney which runs day courses in it, maybe there's something near you? It's a complex art, all different films have different developing times in different chemicals, and you can change the time for effect, and you can also use a different developer for effect. It can get pretty complex, and that's without thinking about enlarging/printing them, which is an art in itself and has as many complexities. If you're just starting out i'd definately go for some colour negative film or some of the c41 processable black and white stuff that i mentioned, the ilford xp2 and kodak make one as well. - I'm writing really long posts hah.
  5. Awesome man! Presuming that it works fine you've got a great camera. First thing i'd do is replace the battery and clean out the battery terminals with a bit of metho, they'll probably be rusty and if the battery is nearly flat or the connection is loose/full of rust it'll stuff up the metering and the shutter may get stuck open for longer than it's meant to, resulting in a lot of overexposed images. The light seals around the film door may be all corroded too, you can get them replaced at a camera store for about $20, or you can do it yourself. It may not be an issue though, you won't know until you put a roll of film through it. I wouldn't put too much stock in the pictures on the first roll either, best to bust one out and get it developed to see how the camera is performing. Any idea what lenses they are exactly?
  6. I've got a bit a bit of a mild obsession with film cameras, i currently own seven hah. Two pentax me's, a Zorki 4k, a roleiflex and a ricoh 35zf (working ) and an olympus om10 and a me super (not currently working). But i really only ever use one of the me's, it's automatic in aperture priority - you set the aperture on the lens and it does the rest. It's nice and compact, and i usually use it with a pentax m 50mm f1.7, but i also own the 50mm f1.4. A Pentax ME with a 50mm f1.7 is a great quality compact set up which i highly recommend. The balloon shot was taken with a sigma mini-wide 24mm f2.8 and i also have a pentax takumar 135mm f2.5 which is nice for portraits. Hope that is mildly helpful hah. Also, a great resource is www.pentaxforums.com - it has reviews of every pentax camera and lens ever made, so if you're buying off ebay you can check to see if the stuff there is actually any good. I'm sure there'd be a similar thing for other camera brands. One suggestion is to stay away from old canon cameras, as they use an fd lens mount instead of the newer eos mount. The fd mount isn't compatible with any other slr on the market, so you wouldn't be able to use the lenses with a digital camera as you can with pentax/nikon/ricoh/olympus/minolta etc. EDIT: Btw, i should mention that i'm a real fan off the older style film slr's - nearly all mechanical, metal bodies, manual focus, manual winding etc - mainly from the 70's. It would be easier for a beginner to get into film photography by using a modern film slr from the 90's - say a canon eos film camera. I wouldn't get the same joy from using one of these technical marvels, my pleasure comes from being a part of the machine that preserves memories. I kind of think that you may as well use a digital slr if you're going to go the modern route, but that's just my opinion.
  7. Thanks a lot :) Some of my older commercial stuff is up at dooleydesign.daportfolio.com but i haven't really got anything going, apart from facebook, unfortunately. I really need to set up a proper website/blog.
  8. I really like Kodak Gold 200, or 100 if you can find it, i think it has a really nice vintage yellowy tone and it's relatively cheap. I often buy expired film off ebay, it's much cheaper than new film and is nearly as good, usually if there is any issue it is that it has slightly less contrast, but there can be some colour shifts (which i often find rather pleasing, lomography-like). Fuji Portra 160s is great for portraiture, but it's more expensive as it's a 'professional' film - same with velvia which is one of the most widely used landscape films, it has really strong reds (which can be a negative in some cases). All colour films have biases towards different colours, it's really up to you to do some experimenting and research to see what film would best suit your taste/needs for the subject. And yeah, it's been a while, but it's nice to be back :)
  9. I've been shooting film for a number of years, i love it for it's vintage look and the beautiful roll off into highlights (It's darn near impossible to actually overexpose negative film, as opposed to digital where it's real easy and looks awefull) There is also more latitude in film than on most digital, usually about two stops more, so you're going to see further into the shadows rather than them just being a block of black. Film is also great for developing your photography skills as you have to make every shot count and you're really conscious that everytime you press the button it's costing you 50c or what ever. You can't just spray and pray anymore hah. It has it's place though, i'd never do any of my paid work on film unless the client really wanted it for some reason. For my personal stuff i get the film developed in a camera house and scan it myself. Generally the scans that you'd get back from a place like jessops/paxtons etc are really crappy and aren't an accurate reproduction of the photo. Proper B&W film can be really pricey to get developed as someone has to do it by hand, so i recommend shooting something like Ilford XP2 Super - it's a black and white film that can be processed in a standard colour neg machine. I wouldn't shoot slide/positive film until you've got the hang of it as a)it's much more expensive and b) it's really unforgiving if you get the exposure wrong, where as you can shoot most negative film's anywhere and the picture will still come out. In terms of cameras i highly recommend Pentax film slr's - they're abundant on ebay. Pentax was the biggest camera manufactoring company prior to digital, no camera has been sold more times than the K1000. I'd probably go for an ME Super if you can, it's a great body which has auto and manual exposure modes. Grab a 50mm lens and go out and shoot. I find manual focus a real joy to use, and if you get a nikon or pentax mount lens they will be able to mount on a canon dslr with the right adapter which is pretty cool. Film has a 'look' which you just can't replicate with digital, i'll leave some photos below to illustrate :) RM [hide=Colour - Expired Kodak Gold 200] [/hide] [Hide=Ilford XP2] [/hide]
  10. I'm happy that i twas reopened because i finally got to find out what my stats were at before rs2 came along. 19cb with 43 mining :P Sadly i missed the screenie opportunity for my 2200+ days. I reckon they should offer the option for the classic cape to be trimmed (white or gold maybe...) for those who played it before rs2 came about, would be a nice acknowledgement.
  11. I guess i'm in a fairly unique position being that i did quit, didn't play for three years up until about two months ago, and i've been playing reasonably solidly ever since, maybe 10 hours a week? I quit before the GE was even announced, so i presume that it was about three years ago? Signed in to grab some holiday items for the first couple of holidays, but when i signed on for the first time 2 months ago i hadn't logged on for 860 something days hah, should have got a screeny. It's sad because none of my old mates are online anymore, but i enjoy the game as it is, even with the known issues. I'm just happy to play until i no longer find joy in it.
  12. Hi all. Basically i am after some advice on the best free way to be able to read and write to a mac-formatted hdd on a pc. I do a lot of video and photo work, currently have most of my work stored on a 2TB g-raid drive which is about 75% full. I was away for a year last year which was when i bought a macbook pro and the drive, which have been wonderful, but my pc now that i am back home wipes the floor with it in terms on video editing performance. I need to be able to access the files on the mac drive from the pc, and need to be able to edit off it (not an issue speed wise with esata(pc) firewire 800(mac)). Ideally i'd just reformat the thing in exfat and not have any issues but i don't have 1.5TB of storage space lying around to put all the stuff in transit whilst i reformat it. I have tried macdrive and it accomplished what i needed in terms of being able to explore the drive from the pc but i didn't ever try to edit of it with the pc. Is there any reason why it would be slower in reading/writing using macdrive on a pc over esata than doing the same to an ntfs/exfat drive? The issue with macdrive is that it costs $50 and i'm rather very cash-strapped at the moment, does anyone know of a free-ware alternative? I'm open to all suggestions, thanks for your time :)
  13. My research has lead me to the Asus Eee PC 1201N, With an Atom 330, Nvidia Ion GFX card, 2g RAM etc. Looks good from what i can see, thanks for the link HGP, it lead me to a review of this one. Dual core too, which is a nice surprise, comes in around £400. Generally favourable thoughts on the Eee pc range? Its 12" obviously, but i can live with that. Id love to get the Alienware model hah, although its quite chunky. And thatd be £900 starting price here, rather than $900 hah. I wish i could pop over to the states a bit, it make purchasing all my video equipment a lot cheaper as well. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. Hey all, Im looking for a netbook to use for dumping hd footage from a canon 7d onto a portable harddrive. Being able to review the footage on screen would be ideal, however in my searches ive had very little success in finding a capable netbook. It needs to be portable so that i can use it in the field; ill be travelling around for two months in the summer (northern hemisphere) with a video rig and dont want to be carrying something huge and bulky around, such as my four year old 17" Dell. This is the reason im looking at a netbook. Something up to 11" would be ideal, i can stretch to 12" if need be. Im living in the UK at the moment which has ended up being a rather large annoyance, mainly because the HP Mini 311 running W7 doesnt appear to be available and from my research that appears to be ideal. Im looking to spend around £300, £400 maximum. Am i looking for something that doesnt exist? Ideally the specs would be something like: 1.66ghz cpu 2g RAM Nvidia Ion or similar non-cpu based gfx card (HD playback...) 250gb HD W7 would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. Id be most grateful for any suggestions or tips, and also if anyone knows how to get an apostrophe on a german keyboard hah, its not marked and i think ive tried everything (im currently stuck in switzerland because of the ash cloud...). Cheers everyone, RM
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