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  1. navyplaya


    ^^This. Your B&W photos are your best. The rest are just boring IMHO. They need more of a focal point. And remember the rule of thirds.
  2. navyplaya


    Many of your photos are WAY overexposed. You need to come down a few stops or use a polarizing filter.
  3. Very nice photos! Can't find anything to CC!
  4. Updated with some of what I've done over the past two years!
  5. Hello everyone! Back to the forums try #2. Last time I only came back for a little while, but now I would really like to get back into my art! Hopefully I'll be posting some stuff soon!
  6. Happy birthday :D

  7. If it's not to late, I'd like to join! I really enjoyed doing the one dsavi posted, way back when (hopefully my skills have improved a bit lol).
  8. You have some wonderful photos there! Some I really like and some not as much.... I'll post more in depth a bit later today maybe.
  9. Thanks for the comments ya'll. :) It's people like you that inspire me to stay in art. :)
  10. Nup. No idea how to enhance them without looking too edited. If I find the time, I might post a tut on how to enhance colors... just keep an eye out.
  11. sitting, waiting, wishing.

  12. Try Good-Tutorials. They have all kind of CS3 tuts, but I'm not positive on drawing tuts.
  13. Couldn't have said it better. Minimalism at it's best!
  14. Well since you don't really know me, let me start by saying this: Since photography is my forte, I might come off a little harsh, but don't let it get to you, it's all about constructive criticism. :grin: First photo: Lovely shot, however.... The photo is not crisp as a close up or macro should be. Sometimes with flowers, especially white ones, an angelic look is wanted, but that doesn't mean it can't be crisp. The top left corner is blown out, but in this photo I don't think it really matters to much as a blue sky or some other background might distract from the white flower. Next time when photographing roses, try taking a mister and lightly misting the petals, it can add alot to the photo. Second photo: Again, it should be crisper than this. I think your problem is simply that it is out of focus slightly. If you weren't shooting in macro mode, try that. And if you were... then it's probably not so much your fault, but the camera's which is ok, you have to work with what you have. One of the biggest problems with this photo is that you have two focus points and one finds their eyes darting back and forth between the two (the two roses in the foreground). A more shallow DoF, ie a larger f/stop (lower number), would help you achieve a single focus point instead of having multiple. Again, it is blown out, but I think it takes more away from the photo then it did in the first one. Third photo: I think technically speaking, this is your best photo so far, and I really like it.... but Im going to be a stickler and point out the fact that a very small, tiny bit of the starfish is cut out of the photo on the right side, big no no. :wink: Collage: I think these photos go very well together, and it was smart putting them together like this. In the top photo the horizon is a bit skewed which could be easily fixed in photoshop. Other than that they all look great. Overall, pretty good work. =D> Don't get down on your self for not having a "good" camera, we all have to start somewhere, and starting off with a less technical camera ensures that you will become good at the big things like composition before moving on to more technical aspects of photography. Hope to see more from you in the future!
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