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Anyone like to start a Woodcutting Clan/Company?


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**I'm NOT trying to recruit, I just want to see if there's any interest in this idea.**




The Clan would be centered around the premises of selling Maple/Yew/Magic Logs in bulk for a profit. It would be important for clan members to be at least 55 Woodcutting to chop Maple Trees effectively (I'm not sure if that's high enough, but whatever). Anyways, the entire point of this would be to sell by the thousands to mass buyers (firemakers/fletchers) by combining our efforts in woodcutting. Everyone would sell to me and I would sell the rest of the logs on the forums/g.e. That's about the whole idea of it.




Let me know if there's a few people who want to join up and I'll go ahead and try to make this group a reality. Remember this is not only P2P, free players should feel free to write back as well.




Add me if you have any questions, as I am usually on during the day (central time US).




Ma x Ta


[no longer active account]


Currently messing around on PK worlds with my *new* pure.

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