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Help With training str for a newb! (55str)


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Well I have a pure with these stats;




45 atk


55 str


1 def


47 hp


31 pray


32 mage (for bh locate)








I need to get to around 60-65 str (well actually I'm training str by cb level so I think I would stop as soon as I hit 53 cb) SO AFTER that the only leveling I will be doing will be in the bh crater ::'




I just need to know what are some good spots to train at which I will lvl FASTEST..




Also I only have about 50k in the bank so I am pretty poor too..If you have any $ making tips please post them too! ::'




Thanks to all who give me advice! :D












sorry guys, forgot to mention... im f2p

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are you f2p or p2p?




well if your f2p a good spot would be al kharid warriors in that palace by the al kharid bank


f2p, but isnt killing lvl 9s a little too slow :?: before i was trianing on guards in edgeville..





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