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Fire Caves, Am I Ready?


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Ideally you'll want better range (75+), but it's definitely possible.




The equipment :




Veracs Helm > Armadyl Helm > Torags Helm > Archer Helm (tbh I'm not sure on that one.)


Fury > Glory > God Stole


Crystal Bow x2 > Zammy Book + Rune Crossbow (2k addy bolts) > Karils Crossbow (around 3k racks)


Armadyl Top > Karil's Top > Black/blessed Dhide body


Veracs Skirt > Armadyl bottom > Karils skirt > Black/blessed D hide legs


Ranger Boots > Snakeskin Boots > Bandos Boots > Dragon Boots


Barrows Gloves > Black/blessed D Hide Gloves


Archer Ring > Ring of Recoil




*I'm not sure about the stats of Armadyl compared to the barrows items so the order may be slightly wrong.




Invent :




2nd Crystal Bow (switch when you get to Jad) > 150 diamond (e) bolts (switch to when you get to Jad)


2 Range Potions


8 Saradomin Brews


16 Super Restores




I'm not entirely sure on the invent because different people have different opinions on what works best. You may want to add 1 piece of straightforward food to that invent when you dont want to use brews, or you could add 150-200 stacked sweets for minor healing. Or you may want more ranging potions and less brews. Either way it's a rough guide of what you'll need.

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