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  1. 3 scrolls so far (3rd one is in my name in corner) in 4 days of on and off Demon mobs. Don't know prices just placed what I felt like. Might sell castellan for less or even use it. Inventory is all you need to reach locations in the quickest fashion at least for me + food if demon chooses you for tank.
  2. 24mins walkin Tass (not seen here), helm, Tass, Chest, Hilt in that order for 5 drops total Same Glacor task, just took a break in between drops.
  3. There are plenty of shops where you can buy things for daily profit. Slayer shops: Broad Arrow Tips Armor Shops (varrock,ardy,burthrope): Iron Platebody and Steel Plates (these are seasonal profit). All Rune shops: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Body, Astral, and recently Death too. Fishing shops: Feathers, Bait Ooglog meat shop. Shops that sells vials of water You really just have to look around and compare prices.
  4. Is it me or if you get even one harmony moss for the perfect juju farm pot, you'll be completely self sufficient from then on?
  5. 189 Abby Spectre task yielded 70 ghostly ess so far. At least it actually drops now. Edit: 129 Mighty Banshees = 36 ghostly ess
  6. Anyone test to see how much more common are ghostly ess now?
  7. Hopefully more Livid Farm unlocks for great justice.
  8. Let me rephrase the questions: If I have 3/4 cards possible will I always be guarantee the 4th missing card no matter what? Presumably should I not bother using the abby demon card due to it having a higher value by giving myself a higher chance to get the other 3 cards? Have you noticed any significant changes to rare item drops using the card?
  9. So is it better to not use up the abby demon card over the others first because RoB DnD will always give out the card your missing? Seeing the x-amount given in a task, abby demons will use it up 1/3 of the task in. Is it TD>Glacor>Automatrons>Abby Demon in card value? And for people who has used them how much better does your rare drops "occur".
  10. Anyone tried the new drop tables yet? Mighty Banshees drops 2x noted thin snails for some reason, and only got one ghostly essence drop (8x ess) from a 180 forced task.
  11. Making silverhawk feathers common hopefully.
  12. This is nice and all but is there any place worth using the combat familiars. Where you don't 1-3 shot stuff, or use the pack yak?
  13. Only thing missing for me is the option to buy your missing slayer mask. Have them all expect abby. :(
  14. Well I already yolo bought the Ammy for 20mil G.E a few days ago and was wonder if the ring is worth what it gives. I have this thing where I value the RoW over petty attack/pray bonuses the other rings gives you.
  15. Mostly referring to the Amulet of Souls, and Ring of Death. How often does the extra leech from SS and 2.5% heal proc? As I can't find the information on the RS Wiki. Are they worth the upgrade?
  16. Feels like legacy should be used on mobs you can like 1-2 shot like Greater Demons. Whiles bosses and Airuits needs for sure EoC to be efficient. But that's just me after a week of using it.
  17. Having no luck getting the good stuff. Gonna use up one ticket for that pity feel good winner in the portable bank. :(
  18. Wondering if anyone here is using Legacy over EoC. I was kinda disappointed that Legacy isn't even viable for GWD (can't facetank with Soul Split on). Though have been using it now for every non-boss because I hate EoC (even if Revolution is a saving grace).. But it does have it's uses, like TD's in legacy was much easier than EoC. Are there any other places where EoC is favored?
  19. I prefer to think it was the coming out of elite/high level gear (Overloads, Turmoil, Chaotics, Dclaws, Nex) EoC, Squel of Fortune combined. One of the biggest offenders contributers elitist Runescape was the release of Dungeoneering(When I quited). Wrecked whip prices and promoted team play which eventually means exclusion for solo scapers. If you choose to solo dung you were limited to terrible xp and tokens rates. Instead of boss teams calling for 90 range/decent gear (karils) for Arma to 99 everything/arma/chaotic cbow. AGS/bandos/99 str/att for Bandos to 99 everything, dclaws, overloads stuff and stuff. If you I can recall the golden age of Runescape was when Godswords and whips were at the top of the food chain. Dragon claws from WGS was the beginning of the end. Elitist RS was the coffin. EoC was the nails. Micro Transactions was the fancy grave plot. Bonus: Efficiency-scape is the wall outside the graveyard preventing new players from entering the game.
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