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Smelting XP per hour


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Is it more xp per hour to make Mith bars or steel. For Mith I make 5 Mith bars and 1 steel and with steel I just make the 9 bars.




What is more xp per hour (Please don't insist on which is more money per hour, xp is what I'm looking for, at a gain instead of smithing bars.)







It's called the "Grand Exchange," and not the "Grand Alwaysatyourservicetodoyourbidding,regardlessoftheneedsofothers," for a reason.

107,992 to 99 cooking

96,545 to 99 fletching

24,699 to 99 smithing

I would indeed be happy if someone stopped spreading cancer all over this place. Even though it tends to be funny to read, but not as much when someone who demands people to make way for him comes along and decides to call others arrogant.

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well i can tell you which gets more xp per trip and it is


9 steel= 17.5x9=157.5


vs 5mith 1 steel= (5x30) +(1x17.5)=167.5


so you not only make more money but you also make more xp :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

1100 total achieved 03/02/09 880thousandth to reach it :P

1200 total achieved 29/09/11 1.23millionth to reach it :P


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