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should i raise my summonig up


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lv 57 spirit kyatt, teles to summoning obelisk, +5 hunter bonus(invisible)


lv 57 spirit graahk(teles close to nature altar)


lv 67 battle tortoise(carries 18 items)


lv 68 bunyip (8hp/minute healing)


lv 60-ish abyssal lurker (carries 7 ess)


lv 69 fruit bat (it forages fruit/seeds, scroll spawns random fruits. Can be used at slay tasks where you can pick up food)


All summons have their uses tbh.

Also, i tried farming once and my potatoes died, put me off forever.
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There are lots of great familiars at almost every level ;)




Just to name a few: kyatt, bunyip, Fruit bat, fire/ice/moss titans, and of course at higher levels the unicorn :thumbsup:




I sold my sgs for bursts/supplies for summoning and tbh that is one of the best moves i've ever made \'


99 Magic achieved on June 26, 2008

99 HP achieved on July 6, 2008

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