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  1. Alot better now, gotta try this sometime :thumbsup:
  2. You get the idea of what to do, although it could be better Include things like: exp rates, best gear to use, how much it costs to use cannon etc. Looking forward to seeing it once its finished :D P.s: I lol'ed at the sig
  3. Well I cant afford any better non-degradable alternatives, so I might aswell. Plus i already have enough healer, attacker, and collecter points anyway
  4. Hi I need to get 375 defender points for a torso but i cant defend very well. Has anyone got any good strategies for defending that are quite easy to execute? Thanks :thumbsup:
  5. Meh ive already started now, might as well not give up... Seeing as the cannon cant reach them, can i just let them run past?
  6. Hi Im going for torso in barby assault but i hate the defender role :wall: I was wondering would this work: Just being defender for wave 10 only so you get 80 points every time? During wave 10, just letting runners go past/use cannon to kill them seeing as you get 80 points no matter what as long as you kill queen? Thanks :D
  7. Look at the chat \ Ummm... I didn't post that pic :?
  8. Good read : Im a combination of 1+2, I do both cb and skills 8-)
  9. Yaks are good, so ar experiments. Or you could just do slayer ;)
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