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  1. RMM is actively recruiting. I am our CiC, so if you would like to join, fill out an application and I can look at it in a few minutes. http://rsmclan.us/forum/index.php
  2. I'm sorry I don't have reflector. I do have gloves. My combat stats are here:
  3. Where can I make the most gp/hr using full void? I do not have the gloves though...
  4. LRC are weak to crush though. Is whip+ddef faster than sara on crush? Back on topic, I'm looking for crush armor.
  5. Until I get my maul, I'm using a saradomin sword for fighting Living Rock Creatures. What's some good crush armor to wear in addition to this?
  6. So I have approximately 19k nats, and I was wondering how best to use them for mage xp. I'm thinking either buying some yew longs and alching them, or buying some coal and iron and superheating them. What method do you think would be the most profitable (if you have your own, please post it).
  7. We do events regularly. Feel free to register and see what we got going on!
  8. I went to Taverly ivy to let my friend borrow my d-hatchet, when I came across these. They may just look like rocks, but in my opinion, they look like tracks. Is it some quest I haven't done yet?
  9. Did you get all the feathers yourself or are you buying them?
  10. Ok several questions here. 1. Would you recommend armoured zombies to someone that is 100 p2p, 92 f2p? 2. How far into the quest do I need to go in order to unlock armoured zombies? 3. Is it really as good as people say it is?
  11. Cannonballs would be good money at your level.
  12. All I know is that a J-Mod confirmed that it is not sailing. That's as far as I know.
  13. I am currently 84 crafting. I powertrained it a LOT, buying blue dragonhides and making into blue dragonbodies then reselling. I have 15m (give or take) to spend, do you think I can pull it off. KEEP IN MIND: I will be selling the dhides in the ge so I will be making some of that money back.
  14. Depends on your level. At 80 (which I see in your sig), yews are decent money, but if you like to watch movies or TV while playing RS, I'd say do mage logs in Gnome Stronghold. I made a mil just sitting there cutting magic logs while watching TV over a couple of days.
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