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Armadyl - is it true?


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I have read on runescape forums that after the update its very much difficult to solo Armadyl and even with a team of 2 and 3 its rather hard...seems as well the drops are very much rare now.....




I was preparing to go for 90 range to solo or go with a team for armadyl....do you think its still worthed ? I was intend to spend 10mil today on red chins to level up....if its not the way to go I return back to melee and get a bgs to solo bandos/zammy.

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i think you should just get 6 more agil vls, and 52 summon and solo sara...far easier and you could do it with your stats now but wit agil (but summon to 52 is highly reccomended, saves you alot)



XBL gamertag: SeismicTriangle

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I don't know if you noticed, but red chins are falling in price, so with a little patience, you could save yourself a bundle on those chins. Maybe pursue another skill while waiting for them to level in price?


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