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Screenshot help?


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You're gonna have to take a screenshot of your runescape window by pressing the print scr button, usually 2 keys above your delete button on your keyboard. Then goto paint and paste it into a document. Goto file > Save As and in the drop down box near the bottom select png. Then save it so you know where it is. Then goto www.imageshack.us and upload your image. Then post it here and I shall cut your character out for you and put it in a psd, (what program you got for your graphics?) and upload it for you to use.

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Yeah, I can do that much. I'm pretty well versed in image capture and uploading etc. (if you saw my other posts you would see), but anyways, I just don't know how to edit, apart from resize. I use imageshack often actually. :thumbsup:




Here it is:






Thanks a bunch!




Oh, and I use IrfanView, just for resizing, cutting out, and compressing, etc.




Btw, what's a "psd"?

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