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  1. I love the colour scheme, it looks nice. However, I think the 'splatters' on the right look thrown on carelessly. They're right at the front, and look disconnected to the rest of the image. The lighting is also pretty good.
  2. Right, you can't stop it. But being officially against it still needs to stand.
  3. :D Yeah that's great, thanks.
  4. Awesome. I just need more people now. It's hard to do without blatent advertising, though no-one takes any notice of that anyway.
  5. I hardly ever capture monsters, lol. I usually end up using all my traps for setting up bombs, and I always forget tranq bombs anyway. I fought a Kushala Daora a few days ago, it was easier than I remember it first time round. It still fled before I could kill it though. That's another great feature of the game. Realistic creature behaviour.
  6. I love Monster Hunter, it's one of the most under rated franchises, in the West at least. I have Freedom Unite on the PSP, HR3, over 170 hours of play time. The game has so many elements and features, it's one of the few games that's really complete and finished, there's so much content. This is a shameless plug, but eh. I've noticed that there really isn't a popular MH forum like Tip.It for RuneScape etc, so I decided to make one, hopefully to bring everyone together. If you're interested in MH, then join and be part of hopefully a good community soon enough. Just check my sig for the link. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is out soon, but I heard somewhere it won't be out in Britain/USA for years, perhaps. :(
  7. Thanks all. dsavi, I originally started out placing lines of text to fit around the shape of the car, but I got about halfway down the door panel and realised that I couldn't really get it to look good. That and it would have taken five or so years to complete with that method. I'll probably end up redoing it again at some point in the future as my skill improves.
  8. Who remembers my original typographical piece with the Veyron? Well I decided to finally remake it. It's not a remake so much as a total revamp. 25 hours roughly with Photoshop CS2. It's too big to post here, so: Bugatti-Veyron-Typography-V2 More details there.
  9. A bad workman blames his tools. You don't need a big expensive program to make good art. I can use Notepad to make potentially complex websites, other people use Microsoft Paint to make astounding pixel art. Listen to Nadril, he knows what he's doing.
  10. Internet Forum Lesson Forty-Two: That guy who posts his crappy 5 minute art and gets pissy when people tell him it isn't good. Your work is bad, no amount of your arguing will change that. I suggest you stop trying to defend yourself and actually read what people are telling you. I know what you're thinking as you just read that last sentence, and yes people have just told you it's bad and nothing else. If you call yourself an artist, or think you know anything about design, which you probably do, you will be able to look at it yourself and tell yourself what's bad about it. Improve it by your own view and decisions. Protip: A bad artist blames everyone else for their poor work.
  11. Don't just play the "it's my style" card when someone criticises your work. Fact is, this is bad. I like the shading of the waves with the different blues, but the outlines with the black and white just looks awful, it's barely legible.
  12. Reminds me of warhammer, good times. :)
  13. So you bought a farm, grew a field and placed a piece of agricultural machinery, or did you just find it and take a picture? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  14. I thought the rule of thirds was boring?
  15. :D The key is making it realistic, galactic space events are awesome, in the true sense of inspiring awe, so you need to convey it in your image. Use shadows and light to make it realistic, also detail is key. Start big, when making a planet I start on a big canvas and shrink it down to the size I need. Don't be afraid to use pure white as well, which I think you have done, that's good. In real life the flash from a planetary collision or supernovae etc would blind you instantly, so pure white is good to use, you want to emulate the intensity of the light, and by making it physically hard to look at (depending really on the monitor the peson is using, some display white very brightly) it adds another dimension.
  16. 1- bad composition, obey the rule of thirds 2- focus is off, it looks low quality 3- focus again, the front pot thing is blurry 4- focus, the tree on the left is blurred 5- boring 6- rule of thirds again, the horizon should be 1/3 of the way up or 1/3 of the way down the canvas, not the middle 7- pretty boring 8- the stick gets in the way 9- the blurred leaf in the extreme foreground is distracting
  17. Whhhat? He's pretending he's from 4chan.
  18. Sorry man, but your eyes aren't green. They are brown. Even if there are bits of green there, it's nowhere near enough to warrent 'colour changing'. For that to happen you need to have eyes which are completely green or blue etc. Also, tell your photographer to get your ears in focus, doesn't look great. In the picture above, your left ear looks ok blurred, but the right one needs to be in focus. Lose the pout, too.
  19. Learn yours, hazel isn't green. I never said anywhere I had green eyes. I said the colors red and green brought out the green in my eyes. You should learn to pay attention to details. Did you even read what you typed before you posted? 'The green in my eyes' means you consider your eyes green, which is erroneous. They are brown. You clearly said your eyes are green, there's no getting around that.
  20. Learn yours, hazel isn't green.
  21. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, the only cover I've ever heard that's better than the original.
  22. This hideous monstrosity.
  23. It doesn't do anything for me, just feels sort of empty, not in the physical sense, though. I like the use of blur to make the leaves seem to be falling down above the word.
  24. It's a shame people seem to think so much of you that they don't even see through the troll of this topic.
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