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Crazy Clown and Sprite - C/C


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A new sig of mine, perhaps one of my best. I love the feeling and colour.








C/C please.




New Sprite. My best. Easily.








Need to work on text for future. C/C please.








I think this is the most direct, and to the point one of my topics has ever been :lol:

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Ooh nice.. me like, me like. The text however... me don't like. Generally, you don't put the text on the same side, it looks off-balance. Color is good, font is good... though I do think a slightly smaller size would've worked better. (Particularly on the name-text) Or maybe centering would work? Otherwise... I think just a bit more blending on the clown's right side would've been better.




You earn eight and a half kitten.png of ten.




On a final note... WHY SO SERIOUS?


Here be dragons ^


Dragon of the Day


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I'd also say it's one of your bests, although it seems a little... empty. Maybe try adding a yellow/orange-ish C4D or something, that would also help to bring the whole thing together more because there's some orange (flames) in the render too.


pixel avvy by me deviantART

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