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Well, ive been waiting for someone to make one, so i did ::'




Basically, disscuss arcanists here, figure out the PERFECT strategy, and set up arcanists matches....For those who donnt know what it is, its a game on funorb, made by JaGex.




Hopefully, later we can set up arcanists tourneys :)








Post away.

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I use full fire which is flawed because if you don't have to first turn you basically can't power it up without dieing. I haven't played it in awhile but I am a member. (I heard one of the mods uses full arcane, I might try that just to see if I can make that work.) I might get on arcanists today (on server 18) if you'll wanna play against me. Though for arcane training it's back to the sandbox.

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Haha, brings some good ol' memories.


I think I might actually (not to sounds like a jackass I probably isn't) invented that whole fly up, use rock bomb then huge boulder/lightning to kill the opponent on the first day of arrcanists, I play for so long that day and got up to 1950 rating (it was harder then) and haven't seen anyone using that.


Of course I might not be but it'd be cool.




And also there allready were two threads on arrcanist, use the search button ::'

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Also, im f2p right now. My book is usually:




Arcane portal


Arcane flash (love this one)


Arcane arrows


arcane bomb


arcane gates


arcane tower


And full fire book




Members is:




Arcane gate


Arcane flash


Rain of arrows


Rain of fire


Mud bomb


Rock slab






Mega boulder


Scatter rock






Thunder shock


Shock bomb


Summon clyclops


Conductors rod




Aura of decay


Protection sheild


Sky ray






I obviously dont use all of those at once, but those are the spells I build my book from.

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Here my spell book.


Ice shield


Light shield




Holy light


Ocean's Fury


English Summer




Troll minions




Rain of Fire


Rain of Arrows


Arcane tele


Ice ball


Water ball


Dark Knight


and that spell where water spawns under a guy and destroys the land.






Call ice shield then holy light.


call out swarms.


Move swarms to the enemy and hit them.


do it for a few more turns til I can use deludge, holy light, Rain of fire/arrows.


By this time they will likely tele to a land filled area with a gap for them to stand in.


Use the water attack.


Make em go into water and then recall light shield/ice shield.


If they spawn above land, and their 100~ I use deludge.


then finish it off with a ocean's fury.






if they attack me and get through my shield I tele away.


If I can summon serpant then I use him as a shield :mrgreen:


here a example.





Don't you know the first rule of MMO's? Anyone higher level than you has no life, and anyone lower than you is a noob.

People in OT eat glass when they are bored.

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