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Problems with the search feature

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When searching by keyword, half the time the search feature will not show up a post, despite the posts existing. However, it does not effect the search by author feature.




For example, search the Music, Movies & Television board for "stardust". You will not find a post about it, despite the fact that it exists: viewtopic.php?f=77&t=688273




Searching for "oldskool" turns 0 results as well, but the post exist such as: viewtopic.php?t=376284




Searching for "Different Strokes", does not turn up the post on my first times article either, however it also exists: viewtopic.php?t=502662




This happens with many searches, on many subjects. It has behaved this way since the conversion to phpbb3. It seems to effect only posts made before and not replied to since the move to phpbb3. I am uncertain as to what causes this, or how many posts it effects but it seems to be a fairly large scale effect.




I have mentioned this issue to afew staff members before, but I do not believe much has been said about what the cause is. Has there been any updates on whats happening with the search feature?

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If I remember correctly ever since the move to PHPBB3, the search feature has been broken. Any older posts made before the switch have not been indexed (so they can be searched) and there is no easy solution to index them. Unfortunately there is not much we can do to fix it.

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