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ME bowhunting at deer hunter 2005 game!!!! nice vid


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Enjoy the vid and hope to have good feedback just added the video was in google vids be4.


Good luck making your own vids ppl


Dzei (main) & Ffz (turmoil Runepure) diary here


[Strength: 11. June 2009][Agility: 23. Oct 2009][Ranged: 27. Nov 2009]

[Thieving: 10. Dec 2009][Farming: 11. March 2010][Woodcutting: 25. Oct 2011]

[Cooking: 14. Nov 2011][Quest Point: 13. Jan 2012][Fletching: 16. Jan 2012]

[Herblore: 22. May 2012][Firemaking: 15.June.2012][Magic: 12.Sept.2012]

[Prayer: 12.Oct.2012][Smithing: 07.Dec 2012]

Goal: [Lets see what comes next :D]

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