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Volatile tool XP boost


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Hey guys,




I have a volatile tool. I converted it into a Fletching knife, to get some decent fletch xp. I decided I would see If I could figure out how much the boost is.




Though I could not get an accurate figure, I know that the boost is somewhere between 1.5X-1.6X xp boost.




I ran a small amount of checks (dont want to waste my tool) to find this figure out, making a few items.




I have specified the last 4 digits of my fletching xp only, the rest are irrelevant




Made one Maple Longbow (u) - 0785 -> 0877 = 92xp


Made one Maple Longbow (u) - 0877 -> 0969 = 92xp




Made one Maple Shortbow (u) - 0969 -> 1049 = 80xp


Made one Maple Shortbow (u) - 1049 -> 1128 = 79xp




Made one Normal Longbow (u) - 1128 -> 1143 = 15xp


Made one Normal Longbow (u) - 1143 -> 1159 = 15xp




Standard xp from Normal Longbow (u) = 10xp


Increased xp from Normal Longbow (u) = 15xp


Boost = 15/10 = 1.5X




Standard xp from Maple Longbow (u) = 58.25xp


Increased xp from Maple Longbow (u) = 92xp


Boost = 92/58.25 = 1.5793991416309012875536480686695X




Standard xp from Maple Shortbow (u) = 50xp


Increased xp from Maple Longbow (u) = 79.5xp (roughly)


Boost = 79.5/50 = 1.59X




I hope this is of some help :)

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sorry for getting to this so late. as you know, the tool xp was changed a short while after you posted. However, you were the ONLY person to post xp data in our forum, so I have credited you on the item in thanks.




This type of information is ALWAYS appreciated!


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