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The Muse's Barbarian Trial - Barehand Fishing To 99

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Crystal Muse's Barbarian Trial






Hello, I'm Crystal Muse, although I go by Muse, Crystal, and any number of random names. I've been on Runescape since 2005, but recently returned from a long hiatus to a ton of new items, quests, and skills.




One of my favorite new parts of RS is the barbarian-style skilling from Otto Godblessed. I've been around for a while without reaching a 99 in any skill, so I decide to catch my way up to 99 in fishing the barbarian way and as a side quest, see how many levels in strength it pulls me up. Cooking all the fish should snag me a second cape.




Since I've never tried for a 99 before, this blog is here to keep me on track.




My homeworld is World 18 and most of the time I'm online, I'll be in the northmost of the fishing guild pulling swordfish. If anyone wants to hang out, add me and stop on by! :D










Current Stats


Total Level: 1101


Combat Level: 77


Fishing Level: 75


Strength Level: 63


Skill Capes: 0




Other Goals




69/75/99 Cooking


65/67/70 Defense


45/47/50 Prayer


43/45/50 Agility




















[hide=Strength]Forgot to snap level 61.








[hide=Other Levels]2m7fe69.png










[hide=Misc. Pictures]ose3kh.png


My friend chuffa scoring 99 woodcutting and a trimmed cape right after.






An Ancient Legion thanksgiving (I'm in the granite).[/hide]



The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. Charles Du Bos

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