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low level bh help (f2p)


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Get 1 more strength level to hit 22's with R2H. or get 74 strength to hit 25's with corrupted drag battle axe in PvP. In fact every strength level from here is your friend to reduce the need to repot during fights. You won't be able to get 77 range, 71 strength and stay under 55 combat for very long due to your high hitpoints, so may as well maximise your KO probability through strength training for now. After 56 combta you should go back to range training to keep your stats maxed again.




What to wear is general range pking gear, i.e






Strength ammy


Leather body


Green legs and vambs


Normal boots


Any cape


Maple short and 100 addy arrows




In your inventory should be:




10 Bounty Locate spells


1 Strength pot (4)


Rune 2 Hander, or Rune Battle Axe (I prefer R2H)


Rest swordfish (or lobsters).




I usually take 1 lob, and the rest swords and eat the lob if I need to pick up arrows.




Good luck in BH - it can be great fun if you don't take it too seriously. Loads of taggers, pjers etc reside there - but its fun to knock them off ;)

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