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I'm gonna work on my construction so I did the stealing creation minigame to get the morphic tool. What should I do with it? Right now I'm doing oak tables. So with the extra xp should I do chairs? I'm pretty confused with the whole thing. And.... just one more question...... how many tools will I need to get 50 constuction? Thanks!

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The tool gives exp boost per item constructed, not per plank used.




For most items, the construction boost is 23.3 exp while in building mode.




So use Tip.it exp calculator and find out how many items you needed to get to level 50, then divide it by 100. That is your total number of tools needed.




P.S. dont know if it was a glitch or not, but the items made with normal planks get higher boosts than others.


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Because the tool gives bonus experience per item constructed, not per number of planks used, the more items you can make from a number of planks, the better. This means that it is better to make chairs (2 planks) than larger things like larders (8 planks) because you'll get more experience boosts from the tool.



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