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Necros' BLOG ...Again --- ??????g ?? ??? ????!

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      • Hello!


Welcome to my Blog for the Summer Holidays Please have a read and Post a comment if you can :D :D





Hey Everyone


Well i'm back, at least more back than i have been over the past year-and-a-bit, after my retirement from Runescape. Anyways seeing that my Yearly Exams and my Australian School Certificate are Over \:D/ i get to have like 6 weeks of Holidays!!!!! :geek:




Well anyway


                                      • Welcome to My Summer Blog



miles militis proficiscor in. proficiscor in vindico victoria









Well after my last fail blog, i hope this one goes a little better. Smaller Goals and Hopefully i can get then achieved. Moving on lol i keep getting sidetracked.






Not Completed || Completed! || Progress






Get P2P Back


I really want p2p back.


My bank sucks in f2p because i cant unnote stuff from the GE which is ridiculously annoying! um but yeah, besides training i have nothing to do in f2p... im more of a quests person lol so yeah atm its pretty boring




Karamja Achievement Diary


I dont know why i really wanna do this diary.. I think it was something about when i was a little strapped for cash and being able to mine and sell gems with the cool teleport of the gloves.. But other than that it could be that im just so close to finnishing it!



  • Easy
    • Successfully Kill a Ket-Zek in the Fight Caves --- COMBAT
      Collect 5 Palm Leaves --- CAN DO
      Be assigned a slayer task by Duradel in Shilo Village --- 100 COMBAT




Varrock Achievement Diary


Hmm, Sort of like Karamaja Diary, I guess its me being OCD about my diary page being all green lol but i really like the look of the Varrock Armour 3, it has a certain aura around it because well i guess not many people have it so i want it, a little bit why i want the adze!


Hopefully this wont take long, but i get really distracted whilst farming which i will be just doing trees and herbs and watermellons, and smithing bores the absolute hell out of me lol unless im doing gold - which i wont be thanks to the demand for it taking the price up by like 250gp!



  • Easy






  • Pick Poision ivy from your bush Farming Patch in Varrock --- 70 FARMING (64 + Stew)


Smith an adamantite medium helmet on the south-east anvil (next to aubury's Rune Shop) --- 73 SMITHING


Craft an air battlestaff --- 66 Crafting


Obtain a new set of Family Crest Gauntlets from Dimintheis --- CAN DO


Use the Home Teleport spell in Ancient Magicks to teleport to Edgeville ---- CAN DO [/hide]




Getting the Adze!


Hmm, I thought i would try to find a nice goal which not to many people are aiming for. I mean you see people going for 99's and 65/85 slayer :D But i wanted to be different - i hope :ohnoes:


Well my current plan is to burn maples unless i come into ALOT of money - then i'll burn yews.


But if anyone has any tips and tricks for this to make it faster/less boring/no RSI i would love to hear them, they will be much appreciated.












Rummy_15.png ~~ HALF WAY :thumbsup: \:D/ =D>







[hide=Progress Banners]Attack:






































[hide=News and Updates]Fri 5/12/2008:


RS: Killing Ice Warriors, 32k Strength EXP


RL:Blog Posted! Woot!!!


On a sadder note, whilst i was at school over the last 8 weeks, something happened to my modem, and someone changed the WEP-KEY, and now i cant get on the net from my desktop or my laptop (primary computers), but i have to use a really slow computer.. So sadly i wont be doing anything outrageously fast-paced.[/hide]


[hide=Many Thanks and Credits to] Pompom [iRC] Thanks for fixing up and practically retranslating my latin


Ms2ger [iRC] For Helping also with latin ::'


Cruiser [iRC] For fixing IRC for me =D> Cheers[/hide]




Anyway, Thanks for reading my blog (Well Done if you got this far) and I would be more than happy to catch up with anyone here ingame to do some skilling or combat training together.


Also, When he comes back be sure to pop-over to my buddy Riakks Blog: BP45's Blogg~ Combat n' Slaying, bare-handing on the side @@




Thanks all






RSN: Rummy 15


IRC: Kratos (#Runescape & #Scripts)

Joined Runescape: 23/01/02 |||. Retired from Runescape: 07/07/2007


Elfs creating a crystal Axe would be like GreenPeace creating a Nuclear Powered Harpoon for killing seals...

"Level 1 sailing: ability to build a failboat.'


Drops: Ahrims Hood, Guthans set FULL (minus legs), dragon half shield, dragon legs/skirt

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