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Panzerlord's Guide to Aviansies

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Posted ImageAviansies Guide: Money and great range XP


1. Intro

2. Equipment

3. How to Access





Intro [1]

You ever wanted that full barrows set or some other expensive things? Trouble with cash? Have no fear, aviansies are here :thumbsup:

One of the greatest things about aviansies is one drop:

NOTED ADDY BARS (4)Posted Image

at the time this guide was written, Addy bars are worth about 2.1K...each. 2.1k (4) = an 8.2k drop. Frequently.

Sounds good? Yeah, I thought so...


Equipment [2]

In the area you will be killing aviansies (the only area...) GWD (God Wars Dungeon) there are four general types of monsters:

Armadyl Monsters (aviansies) Posted Image

Bandos Monsters (Goblins, Ogres, etc.)Posted Image

Saradomin Monsters (Saradomin Knights, Priests and Spirituals)Posted Image

Zamorak Monsters (Various kinds, but include werewolves, bloodvelds, and spirituals)Posted Image

Now, since this section is labeled "equipment," you're probably wondering why I am talking about the monsters. There is a reason. If you are wearing an item belonging to any of the gods listed above, than their followers won't attack you unless you attack them, which is MASSIVELY helpful. So it is recomended that you get protection so that you are not a target for all the monsters in the dungeon. The main Gods you will be worrying about are Zamorak, Armadyl, and Saradomin. Bandos is needless to fret over, as most of the time, unless you are using the Guthan's method, you won't be near Bandos monsters, although, occasionaly you may get hit by a level 107 Ork if you are near the center of the dungeon, but it's really nothing to worry about. Facotring in god protection and stats, I have created a (what I believe to be) rather wonderful armor kit. It requires the following stats to wield:

70 range

40 defense

Temple of Ikov quest completed

Recipe for Disaster completely completed (note - not nessecary tbh, just a nice bonus)

Animal Magnetism completed

Dragon Slayer completed.

Summers End Completed if you're using Spirit Shield, 50 Defense and Strength if you're using Granite Shield.

The setup is as Follows:

Head: Saradomin Coif [*]

Neck: Armadyl Pendant [*] - Non tradable, obtained after/during Temple of Ikov

Cape: Ava's Accumulator - Non tradable, obtained after Animal Magnetism - Attractor works fine too

Arrows/Bolts: Mithril Bolts - You can use higher bolts, but from word on the street and research, mithril is known to be the best cross between price efficiency and damage

Weapon: Rune crossbow - If you don't have this, just get off of this guide. It's only 10k, requires only 61 range...Not too hard to get people. Seriously, If you don't have one, and you want to do aviansies, get off of this guide, and get one. :evil:

Chest: Black Dragonhide Top - Requires Dragon Slayer I'm sure.

Shield: Either Granite or Spirit Shield - Spirit shield gives better range attack bonus, while granite gives better defense. Spirit shield, is harder to obtain though, with the requirement of Summers End, so if you haven't already done this and do not plan to soon, use granite. If you have, it's your pick. Personaly, I use granite though. :shock:

Legs: Zamorak Plateskirt - [*] Men, it may be a skirt, but just buy it. Same bonuses as legs, much cheaper.

Gloves: RFD barrows gloves or Black Vambs - RFD Barrows glvoes take lots of time and skill, so if not already owned, just use black...

Boots: Snakeskin Boots - You could also use Metal boots (e.g. Dragon Boots) if you wanted. Ideal boots would be ranger boots, but I realize we're not all made of money. :shame:

Ring: Who needs it? - If you MUST, then wear a ring of dueling, just for teleports, but from drops, if you're there for a respectable ammount of time, you will acumulate a teleport from runes. Or use your home teleport.

[*] = God portection.

This setup works very well for me, as it give a pretty good ranging bonus, and it also gives a pretty nice defense bonus also.


Post Break [2.5]

I will now post this and edit the rest of the info in later, for fear of a computer crash deleting my guide

LAST UPDATE: 1/28/09


How to Access [3]

No images currently available. To be updated Tommorow.

I cannot obtain a picture for this section. Using the application "Paint" I marked a map with routes to the dungeon, but can't post it. If you know how to, please do tell. I will simply explain how to get to GWD now.

Route 1:

Requirements: 61 magic, 60 agility OR strength, Edgaer's Ruse.

Step 1: Teleport to Trollheim

Step 2: Walk down mountain to boulder (when passing thrower trolls, protect from missles prayer)

Step 3: Push Boulder/Use Tunnel to get to other side of boulder.

Step 4: Walk to dungeon

Step 4.5: ONLY FOR FIRST TRIP. Place rope at opening of dungeon. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS THE FIRST TIME YOU EVER GO.

Route 2:

Requirements: Troll Stronghold (?), Games Necklace OR combat bracelet, 60 agility OR strength, Climbing boots.

Step 1: Teleport to either the Burthrope Games Room if using a Games Necklace or the Warrior's Guild if using a Combat Bracelet.

Step 2: Bank whichever teleporting jewelery you used at the Warrior's Guild. If you cannot access the Warrior's Guild, use the Rogue's Den, underneath the bar in Burthrope.

Step 3: After you have all supplies and are wielding climbing boots, head up the mountain. If you do not have boots bring 12 gp and buy a pair from Tegid.

Keep walking up mountain cliffside. Eventually you will see an option to climb over some rocks. Do this.

Step 4: after climbing over rocks turn RIGHT. Eventually you will pass through an arena filled with trolls, one of which is named "Dad." Keep going.

Step 5: Eventually you will reach Trollheim. Pass the thrower trolls and manuever yourself around the bould in whatever way suits you.

Step 6: Enter dungeon

Step 6.5: ONLY FOR FIRST TRIP. Place rope at opening of dungeon. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS THE FIRST TIME YOU EVER GO.

These are imho (in my humble opinion) the best ways to access GWD. If there are others that work fairly well, please tell me, and I will examine them. :<img src=:' />


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Not bad, some of the formatting and layout needs to be cleaned, looks messy.

Head: Saradomin Coif [*]

Neck: Armadyl Pendant [*]

Cape: Ava's Accumulator

Arrows/Bolts: Mithril Bolts [BROAD]

Weapon: Rune crossbow

Chest: Black Dragonhide Top - [ZAMORAK D'HIDE]

Shield: Either Granite or Spirit Shield [GRANITE]

Legs: Zamorak Plateskirt - [*] [DRAGON PLATESKIRT/DHAROK'S LEGS]

Gloves: RFD barrows gloves or Black Vambs - [RFD/REGEN BRACE]

Boots: Snakeskin Boots - [SNAKESKIN/BANDOS]


Some parts of that may be a bit expensive, but some of your suggestions were, in all honesty, stupid. Why would you take no ring or..A duelling ring?

Posted Image

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