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Rants Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines

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Rants Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines


  • Creating Your Own Topic
    • The Rants forum is a place for you vent your RuneScape frustrations, but that does not mean that you can post incoherent one-sentence rants. Similar to how General Discussion topics need to supply a platform for discussion and RuneScape Bugs & Suggestions topics need well thought out ideas, your rants also need to be worthy of discussion. Rather than saying, "I don't like this, it sucks," you need to present a valid argument for your rant and back it up. When creating your topic, imagine how people would respond. Would they have something to say at all? If you can think of valid responses and discussions, the chances are that you have a valid topic/argument. As an example, if you want to rant about an aspect of the RuneScape game, first describe that aspect. Then explain what you think about it, why it negatively affects the game and/or community, and maybe even provide a solution to the problem or describe what Jagex should do to fix it.
      Similarly, please make sure that your topic title directly relates to your rant. Here are a few examples of improper titles:
      • "OMG LOOK HERE!"
      • "This is so annoying..."
      • "I'm so mad right now."

If your topic is a rant about RuneCrafting, make sure that your title somehow relates to RuneCrafting. Do not post your title in all caps or use excessive punctuation.


Remember that the Rants forum is for RuneScape-related rants only. If you have a rant regarding the Tip.it forum or its users, you may create a thread in Forum Updates & Suggestions. All rants related to the Tip.it website belong in Website Discussion. If you have a rant about something not related to RuneScape or Tip.it, you may post it in Off-Topic. But remember, the Tip.it Forum Rules still apply so that means no flaming or naming names. Your rant must have a purpose, be thoughtfully written and constructive.


Any topics that are too undetailed, spammy or are about anything other than RuneScape rants will be locked or removed accordingly.


How To Reply To Topics


  • Replying to topics is just as important as creating them. Many replies in the Rants forum have violated section 1.2 - Irritating Posting Styles/Spamming of the
Tip.it Forum Rules. Responses that are pointless, spammy, rude and/or only a few words long are not permitted and will be removed as seen fit by the Tip.it Moderators. Here are a few examples of inappropriate comments:
  • "Suck it up pal."
  • "Who cares?"
  • "Just ignore it/him"
  • "Whiner."


If you have nothing constructive to say or do not add to the discussion, do not post at all. Not only are the comments listed above annoying, rude and pointless, but they also violate the rules. They will be removed and further action may be taken against the user(s) if necessary.


If someone creates an improper rant that violates the Rants Forum Rules, it is still unacceptable to post one of the above replies. By posting in that way, you are making yourself no better than the person who created the rant in the first place. So if you see a rule-breaking topic or post, do not reply to it - report it!! That way you will inform the moderator team of the inappropriate thread/post and they will be able to deal with it accordingly. But if you reply to it using one of the above examples, you are also breaking the rules.




Remember The Rules


  • Although the Tip.it Moderators sometimes exercise leniency when dealing with posts in the Rants forum, all of the
Tip.it Forum Rules still apply. If you have any questions regarding these rules or a thread that you want to post, please do not hesitate to contact a Tip.it Moderator or Administrator.

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