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Custom Theme Problems

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Hey Guys :)




I've been trying to install custom themes lately, with a few problems. I have patched the theme files (http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows- ... al-styles/ for an example), which has been fine, but everytime I try to set a custom theme/colour scheme, the computer completely freezes. When you restart the computer (by holding the power button down), the custom theme is set, but then if you do anything with the appearance panel, like change the colour scheme, the computer freezes again. This does not happen when changing between official themes (For example Vista -> Classic). I have re-done the patching process 3 times, and have also tried using VistaGlazz, but with no luck. I use Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1, 32-bit with 1.5GB of RAM. Any ideas?

Retired Tip.It Crew Mapper.

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