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Knights Of Order Vs Australian Army


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Knights of Order Vs Australian Army




Earlier today I heard from Frenchfry that AA was looking for a fight and I immediately spoke to other KO members to see if they were keen on one. I then approached Edward5010, Australian Army's leader for a full out fight in PvP but unfortunately he declined and demanded CWA Matched Options. Luckily enough I was able to convince Edward into a 1 hour time cap fight. I'd like to thank AA for the good and clean fight that they gave us.












As the fight grew the kills stayed even, AA were gradually gaining more and more numbers and at once stage peaked at 29 people, the best we peaked was at 20 people. About 40 minutes in, a lead started to grow in favour of the Knights of Order.












Random Pictures:
















Once again thanks for the fight AA and to the KO members fantastic organization displayed today as always :D Maybe next week we can do an uncapped fight in PvP hopefully a weekday!





Click above URL for KO's memberslist.


IRC Channel: #[ko]


::4+ years - KO:: ::1+ year - KO council::

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