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82-90 range chinning.


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You should really give your RSN, makes calculation a hell load easier...




2,421,087 (82) - 5,346,332 (90) = 2925245 exp to 90




Roughly 200k\hr using red chinchompas (could be more or less) is around 15k chin mark. With about 20 prayer potion per inventory, along with 2k chins per run, that is 150 prayer potions.




Especially if your going to mummies I have no idea how the experience is compared to ape atoll. Though Ape atoll is highly reccomended as mummies are for poor\people who didnt do MM.

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Thanks, and sorry my RSN used to be in sig but my sig got raped.




Nop_Noob is my RSN.




And thank you very much for this information!




EDIT: So it will cost me around 12m.. hmm. Gotta GWD some more, don't want to sell my claws :wall:



Dutchy angel2w.gif

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