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Account selecting help!


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Alright, hey everyone! I have a problem... I have 3 accounts with membership and I think thats pretty rediculous, and if my parents find out they'll kill me, so I need your help to decide which is the better of the 3 to keep.




The only thing I really like to do in Runescape now is PvP. If you can convince me of something else, go for it. I have my main, a retired pure, and a decent low lvl pure in the making. Here are their stats and accomplishments:








Atk - 80


Str - 79


Def - 79


Rng - 85


Prayer - 60


Magic - 80


Hitpoints - 84




Combat - 99 + 5 (104)


Total - 1571




Full Void


4mil Cash


30 Days Membership Left






!Retired Pure!




Atk - 74


Str - 77


Def - 70


Rng - 77


Prayer - 52


Magic - 73


Hitpoints - 75 or so




Combat - 91


Total - 1213




60 Hunter is pretty decent I suppose...


1.5mil Cash


10 Days of Membership Left






!Low Level Pure!




Atk - 55


Str - 55


Def - 3 >.<


Rng - 60


Prayer - 25


Magic - 45


Hitpoints - 54




Combat - 49


Total - 337




Only about 200k total >.<


23 Days of Membership Left


I'll have to do tons of quests on this guy probably...








So please, pick which account you think would be best to keep as a member, and then continue on to say what sort of stats, or what kind of pure it should become (If Possible).




Thanks alot for your time =)



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Is there any chance for me to be able to do PvP on it? I was thinking get 80 str just to make it an even number, then go 99 range 99 def in the future... Not sure if that would work though. As it is though, i'm a lvl 99 main fighting lvl 91s with 99 range or strength so i'm getting raped ;p




Thanks for the comment =) Anyone else?



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