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Snake: The Next Fighting Tournament


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The original Snake and Noob fighting tournament was posted almost two years ago (hard to believe). Here it is, because you might need this in order to understand who the characters are, and what the basic idea is.


Beware though, if you click on show, it is going to give you a fifteen chapter story, so if you want to get to the new story fast, I would not even click it.




[hide=]Chapter 1:pkerforlife VS. AJ (The first battle)




The streets of Varrock were crowded as people rushed to get to the castles courtyard. People from all over Runescape were in awe of the new event. It was commissioned by the heroes guild to see who the best fighter in Runescape is. People crowded into the castle to get seats at the top of the it. Two guards were up there to prevent violence over getting a seat.


The top of the walls that guarded the castle were open only to important people. Many guards were up there as well as the king and select members of the heroes guild. In the castles dining room, the chef was putting out a wonderful feast for the participants of the fight, who were sitting in wooden seats around the marble table. Two people were cussing each other out and guards were trying to break up what would have been imminent fight.


All the participants raised their beer mugs and banged them together. Shouts of "May the best man win" were the only words Snake could hear for a while. Eventually they stopped as people crammed food into their mouths. Snake ate slowly, eying every one of the people at the table. Some stared back at him. Others smiled. Some even flipped him the bird.


After the meal the participants went into the entryway and had conversations with each other. Soon enough, Snake was pleased to hear the trumpets of the guards, signaling the king was about to speak. Two guards outside opened the door and the participants lined up on the stairs and watched as the king took a knife and cut a banner that was tied to the wall.


It revealed the first round matches. Civilians who surrounded the ring wrote the fights down on scrap pieces of paper they had in their pockets. The participants on the stairs scanned for there name and then the people who were going to fight would give each other an ice cold stare. They would then stand at attention as the king waved his hand for silence.


"Some may think that the 3 way matches are not fair. But these were selected for reasons only I will ever know. Maybe i will tell you. Anyway there is no way to convince me to change matches. If any participants decide to have a street fight and are caught, they will be kicked out of the tournament. These are illegal and could result in hard labor or prison time. I will now let you see the first match. Pkerforlife, step up."


A guy wearing only monks robes walked to the ring and entered. He then turned, waiting to hear who his opponet would be.


"AJ please step into the ring." With a granite shield and a dragon battle ax, it looked like the battle was already won.


"These rules apply in the arena. No prayer. No food. If you get out of the ring you automatically lose. It is a fight to the death. You can spare the life of the person you are fighting. It is solely up to you. The one last rule is, no help from anyone in the ring. If you die and one of your friends decide to street fight the killer, it must be approved by me. It will then be set up at an appropriate time and place. Now then, I won't keep you any longer. FIGHT!"


The king yelled this at the top of his lungs and AJ ran at Pker. Pker ducked down and tripped AJ. Aj fell and Pker kicked his face. Aj's nose had a trickle of blood run out of it. AJ swung at Pker's legs and Pker jumped, avoiding the blow. Then, AJ took out a rune knife and hurled it at Pker. It hit him square in the stomach. Pker clutched his stomach and dropped to his knees. AJ got up and walked over to Pker. Pker pulled the knife out of his stomach and jammed it into AJ's knee joint. AJ screamed. It was a terrible high pitched scream that rang through Varrock. PKer ran at AJ and AJ put out his hand, palm open, facing Pker. Pker ran into it and Aj clutched Pker's neck firmly. He tightened and tightened his grip until a snap could be heard. AJ won.


A medical team grabbed Pker's body and took it to behind the west bank. There, they buried it. No coffin. Just the body. They then saw a man with a gravestone walk to them. The man placed the gravestone into the ground and walked off. How the hell did he know and make a gravestone so fast? wondered a medic.


Meanwhile at the castle the medics were lifting AJ onto a stretcher and brought him into the castle. The crowds screamed. They loved that battle. A guard tried to scrub the blood out of the ring but could not. He gave up. The King wondered why it did not scrub away. Oh well. He stood again and yelled, "It seems that we have to get to bed. It is late and we do not want the shades to get us, do we? Anyway that was but a taste of the fights that will be happening tomorrow. 10 o' clock sharp. Goodnight."


People walked off to their inns and homes while the king, his knights, and the fighters were herded back to the castle.


"It is time for a small challenge. I will give you these sometimes. I want to see you sleep outside. No tents and no other necessary supplies. I will open the doors of the castle to you at 7 in the morning tomorrow. We will see if the shades get you. So goodnight."


They were walked out of the castle and into the courtyard. They were then brought to the fountain where they were told this area would be there beds. Snake took out his lava staff and used a small fire spell to warm up the area he was sleeping in. He then lay down and watched as two figures appeared peering around the corner of the general store. The one was staring directly at him. Snake pulled out his sword and prepared to get up but was frozen by a cold sensation...




Chapter 2:The first night of the tournament




Snake looked around him. The cold sensation grew and grew until it totally engulfed him. The shades walked toward him. No one noticed them except Snake. The shade raised an old, withered looking hand and Snake stood up. The shade stopped in front of Snake and grabbed his chin. Snake could not shake his hand away. He was paralyzed. Then, he saw another shade walk up to the one holding Snake and poke Snakes shade. The shade dropped Snake as he followed the other shades pointed hand to Noob. Noob was stealing a whip from someone. The guy noticed. He stood up and grabbed Noob, then noticed the shades. Noob handed him his whip and the guy threw Noob into a wall.


Snake saw the guy run at the shade and snap the whip right on its head. It let out a piercing scream that woke up everyone around. The fighters took out their weapons and piled on to fight the shades. Once the two shades were nothing but a pile of dust, a hellhound appeared and jumped onto Noob. Snake ran and grabbed the hound upper and lower jaw. He then pushed with all his might and split the dogs head in half. Blood leaked all over Noob.


More cries as a small army of shades ran down the street, heading towards them. There must have been ten but as Snake looked into the dark alley's, he saw more appear out of nowhere. Snake looked around and saw everyone wide eyed as more and more appeared. Suddenly, a guy using Ancient Magiks attacked the shades with ice barrage. Some fell while others took out there knives and through them at him. All of them penetrated his skin and he died. More and more shades were appearing. Snake had an idea.


He took out his lava battlestaff and prepared a spell. All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, a shade came up behind him and snapped his staff in half. Snake looked the shade straight in the eye and said "That was my favorite staff." He then kicked the Shade in the face and caught a sword that some guy threw to him. Snake plunged it through the shades head and the shade turned to ashes.


Snake looked at the sword. A bronze short sword? He sure must be powerful to kill that shade with this piece of junk.


Noob was hiding behind a guy with full black dragon hide on. He was wielding a dark bow and killing a bunch of shades. Snake was getting tired. He had not slept in days and needed some rest for his fight tomorrow.


Snake walked to the general store. He kicked the lock door open and peered inside. He saw what he was looking for and grabbed it. He then ran outside and grabbed some ink out of his bag. (Snake writes stuff to what little friends he has.) He pored it around the fighters and lit it with the tinderbox he stole from the store.


It burned high and the shades shrieked as they turned to a mist and wisped away into the night sky.


"How did you know?" asked a curious man wearing full steel.


"Experience." replied Snake.


The fire continued to burn in a controlled state, (thanks to a helpful persons magic) and the warriors got to sleep.


The next morning they were awoken early by a crowd of people who wanted autographs. The warriors told them later and dragged there sleepy selves to the castle. Inside, the table was set with a magnificent looking breakfast. The warriors ate like they had not eaten in weeks except for Snake who ate very slowly.


Only one man dared to stare at Snake and that man was Archimage, one of Snakes only friends. He stared and then smiled. Snake was to sleepy to be happy and just nodded his head in recognition. The king, in this elaborate clothes, then walked in and greeted the warriors.


"Today will be a great day for some and a bad day for others. For all you know, it may be the day some of you die. Today will be an exciting day. I hope you are prepared for the fights will be happening well past sundown. We will light bonfires around the castle to ward off the shades. My guard saw you last night. A valiant effort and good teamwork. I will give you better sleeping acommadations tonight. Well then, see you at the fight!"


Snake got up and followed the king on his side. "Sir the shades were in numbers last night. Some suspected you are dealing with them. One of the fighters died because of your challenge. Shouldn't we wait till later, once the preliminaries are over, before we do these challenges?"


"That was just a fun little game. I was not involved in any way. I swear on Saradomin!"


"Well then who could have done it? They never travel in large packs like that!"


"That is true. Usually around four in a pack. The shades must have sensed some of there own die and brought themselves."


"I think its a plot."


"By who?"


"After the fight last time rumors were spreading of a mysterious figure bringing a gravestone with Pker's name and birth on it. It was carved in the shape of Saradomin's holy crest."


"That is something I have pondered about. It is quite wierd don't you think?"


"I think that guy was a necromancer!"


"That is very dumb deduction. Necromancer's have not been around since the third age!"


"But legend speaks..."


"Legends? That is all I want to hear Mr.?"




"Snake carry on."


Snake walked away from the king. He then went to the library. Reldo was researching some type of historical tome.


"Reldo?" Asked Snake.


"Snake old friend! How's it going?"


"Pretty well. Anything you can tell me about report of necromancers in the fourth age and now?"


"There have been reports, but the people who tell them seem to die suddenly. Reports have been scarce these days."


"I think Varrock has a necromancer in it."


"How do you think that?"


Snake explained everything that happened that night.


"Hmm, well i will get to you later. Right now i would be prepping for your fight with Arrowbld."


"He will be easy."


"Pker seemed like a loser but he still spilled some of Aj's blood."


"One more question."




"Can necromancers predict death?"


"Really powerful ones who are close associates with death can."


Snake walked out. All the evidence pointed toward a necromancer involved. Snake had heard tales of necromancers raising shades and Snake always thought that as true. Snake walked to Varrocks west bank and looked behind it. Gravestones everywhere. He saw arrowbld's. He must win then. He looked around and saw his own gravestone, marked on it the words:


"Killed by the last of his kind."




Chapter 3: preliminaries day 1: enemy in hiding




Snake was in the foyer of the castle. The doors to the castle were open and sunlight spilled onto the tiles. Snake was looking at the crowds of people who were trying to get a good seat. Some came into the castle to find a seat on top of the castle. There were small children coming to see this brutal and violent game. Some parents should not be parents, thought Snake.


Archimage walked out of the dining room and patted Snake on the back.


"Good luck on your match."


"Like I need it." replied Snake.


Archimage sat on a chair that was in front of a window.


"I heard that you and the king had a fight after breakfast."


"Rumors go around fast don't they?"


"Yeah. Anyway, you think a necromancers involved?"


"Yes. I know a necromancers involved. Go behind the west bank and look at the gravestones. Every fighters names are on one. The guy can predict deaths. Reldo said that means he must be close to the grim reaper if he can predict death."


"I guess so. Anyway i better get my fighting stuff out and prepare for my fight tonight."


"See you later."


Snake watched as Archimage walked upstairs to the fighters training rooms.




A man in complete black robes with a hood that engulfed his face in shadows walked up to Snakes gravestone. He spread his fingers over it and more writing began to appear beneath the original writing. The man then pulled his hand away in mid-sentence and noticed a man walk up to him.


"Who might you be?" the man asked.


"None of your buisssnessss." replied the hooded guy.


"You are touching my gravestone."


The man stumbled over the gravestone and fell.


"Sssnake pleassss dont kill me."


"Who the hell are you?"


The man removed his hood and showed an old, wrinkled face.


"Carter? I thought you died." exclaimed Snake.


"No, I faked my death."


"What are you doing here?"


"Your father has asssked me to follow you and make sssure your sssafe."


"From what?" asked Snake.


"You will find out sssoon enough." Carter than teleported away.




Snake returned to the castle once again and saw he was just in time to line up on the stairs. Those graves have been creating some nervousness. He of course was not scared but just wondered why someone had marked him for death. The king stood up and just as he did a cry could be heard.


"My king look what we found!"


A man wearing the clothes of a high priest walked up the walls stairs and showed the king a carcass of what looked like the hellhound Snake killed the other night.


The king looked disgusted. He scrunched his nose up and ordered the man to give the body to the Varrock museum for study. Then he stood up more dignified than before and pointed out the next match.


"Snake please enter the arena."


Snake walked in with no armor on and with only a dragon dagger in his hand.


"Arrowbld please enter the arena."


A guy wearing monks robes and a lederhosen hat with a rune scimitar and kite shield in hand entered.


"Let the battle commence!" yelled the king.


Arrow stared as Snake walked up to him slowly. Arrow being walking too and then tried to slice down at Snake's chest. Snake took his dagger and blocked the blow. He then used his full strength to push up and the Rune scimitar was hurled into the air. It landed at the left end of the arena. Arrow used his shield to block Snakes attacks as he ran to his scimitar. When he was close to it Snake jumped over Arrow and kicked the weapon out of the arena. A lucky child grabbed it and ran off.


"You know I am just toying with you?" Snake said with a smirk.


Arrow ran at Snake and pushed the shield into Snakes face. Snake grabbed Arrows hand at the last second and twisted so hard that he cracked a bone. Arrow screamed as Snake grabbed him and threw him to the arena's floor. Snake then stepped on his head so hard it exploded. Blood and brains flew all over the arena and all over the people watching.


Snake grabbed the body and threw it onto the stretcher that two medics brought out. They then went to the graveyard. Snake walked out of the arena and shook hands with some people. The king then stood.


"Not even a scratch Snake?"


Snake shook his head and some people screamed in awe. Snake then sat on the stairs to the castle and listened as the king brought out the next matches contestants.




At the graveyard the medics saw the gravestones and looked terrified as they saw there own gravestones. They dug a grave for Arrow quickly and scooped the dirt over his body. Suddenly something grabbed the one of the medics legs and pulled him down. The medic screamed as he saw his assailant. It was a giant mass of flesh with one eye missing and blood seeping out of his missing eyes socket. It bent down and began to feed on the helpless medics brains. The other medic ended up dying of shock. There bodies were buried by the zombie and they were never seen again.


Dragonbait was wearing full rune and ash was wearing nothing but his mithril scimitar. Dragonbait was slicing Ash up. Ash was beat to a pulp and dragonbait let him live. That match was apparently bad because everyone was shouting "Boo" and "Kill him wimp". The king then stood and signaled for silence as he asked where his medics went.


Nobody knew. The king thought for a moment about the necromancer but decided to dismiss this thought and instead had the guards bring Ash into the castle for treatment for his deep wounds. The king then announced the next match. This match was quite unfair looking...




Chapter 4: Preliminaries day 1: Snake gone mad




Snake looked over at Noob who was half asleep. Suddenly the king yelled "Angelus please step up to the ring." A man in full guthans showed up and entered the ring.


"Army of guthans guys please enter the ring."


An army of people wearing guthans entered the ring. Only 50 could fit so they decided to just put 20 in the ring at once.


"Please fight!" yelled the king.


Nobody knew who was who so it was basically a massacre of the innocents. Nobody outside the ring could distinguish anyone and this pretty much went on for an hour and a half. Soon the king got bored and asked which person was Angelus. Everyone in the ring said "I" and the king told the guards to grab all the bodies and throw them into Varrock sewers. He then told the rest of the guthans guys to fight some more. Eventually one was left and the king crowned him the winner.


The king announced it was lunch time and everyone walked off to their favorite pub for some good food. The fighters went inside the castle and were served more exquisite food. Snake of course ate slowly and eyed all the remaining people.


He then walked off to the library. He saw a guy reading a book and saw that it was Archimage.


"Killing an innocent? That is not like you." Archimage said.


"I just could not stop. I...I think I need some time by myself."


"I have been reading up on hellhounds."




"Because I knew that when you touch the saliva of a hellhound you get a thirst for blood and will eventually go nuts and kill everyone to get blood."


"No way! I could not become someone like that."


"Did you have any second thoughts before killing that man?"


"I kind of did but..." He trailed off as he looked at Archimage.


"You! You want me killed because you know I am going to win the fighting tournament! You are going to tell the king and he is going to kick me out!"


"No...I just feel that it is bad that you have gotten bitten..."


"I will kill you! You are jealous of my power! Burn in hell!"


Royal guards rushed in and pushed Snake down. They held onto his arms and legs. Snake used all his strength to break free of their grasp and got up. He ran at Archimage and Archimage's codex bubble appeared. Snake punched it and when he did he felt a sensation that knocked him cold.


Archimage looked at Snakes limp body. The guards got up and rushed to grab him.


"Take him to the medical ward and i will try to create a serum to his problem. Oh, and if he starts to look like he is morphing into something its probably a hellhound. Tell me if this happens."


The guards looked at Archimage and laughed.


"O.K we will alert you if the scary hellhound awakens from inside the scary murderers body." said one of the guards.


"He is not a murderer!" said Archimage.


"Then what do you call his attack on you?"


"A symptom of hellhound saliva."


"Your a nut!"


"Whatever." Archimages codex bubble appeared and all of a sudden the guards were saying "We will tell you when the transformation begins."


"Good." Archimage walked off and went to the apothecaries house.




At the sewers, four guards were heaving bodies into the sewer. They took the armor and threw the bodies down, thinking they could make a huge profit off of the armor. Once all the bodies were down the guards looked at there rather heavy cart of guthans armor and started jumping and laughing. One of the guards tripped and fell into the sewer. He fell on the bodies and said "I'm all right", when all of a sudden he started screaming.


A terrible tearing sound was heard and the guards screamed as some of the bodies jumped out of the sewers and said "We wants ours armor backs." The guards ran and all of a sudden ran into a set of 3 more of the zombies. All three of them screamed as the zombies tore them to shreds.




The scream was heard by Archimage as he was walking to the Apothecaries. He ran to where it was coming from and saw the guards get eaten. Archimage watched as the zombies dragged the bodies and dumped them into the sewer and grabbed a cart full of guthans armor. They dumped all the armor into the sewer and then hopped into it themselves.


Archimage decided he would go in there later and check everything out but right now he needed to worry about Snake. Meanwhile a match between grumpy mod and mutant autoer was on. Mutant Autoer was trying to escape to the yew tree behind the castle but could not as Grumpy mod killed him with a kick to the back of the head. As people screamed and cheered at the fight Archimage was looking at the ingredients the Apothecary had. He would need the blood of a pheonix to get everything he needed. The apothecary sold this at five hundred thousand a pop. Archimage bought it and cursed Snake under his breath.


"You better pay me back." he said and went back to the castle.




Snake had transformed and the guards were sleeping. Snake the hellhound walked out of the castle and into the foyer where he ate the two guards at the doors heads off. He then jumped down the stairs and into the courtyard where he ate a few of the fighters heads. The king screamed and Snake the hellhound saw him and ran to the wall. He then jumped up the stairs and sliced the guards and the heroes guild members just jumped to safety. The king tried to jump. Snake the Hellhound jumped at him. Archimage saw the king fall and put a levitation spell on him.


Snake the Hellhound then dropped onto his paws and ran at Archimage. Archimage levitated Snake the hellhound as he jumped at him. Archimage then opened the vial with the cure and dumped it into Snake the Hellhounds open mouth. Snake the hellhound turned back into Snake and Archimage watched as Snake said "Could you put me down."


Suddenly guards walked up to Snake.


"Guards, kill him!" yelled the king.


Archimage told them to stop. They stopped.


Archimage put the king on the ground as he was still levitating and the king stared at Archimage. Archimage explained everything and the king and crowd and guards laughed. Some were not laughing though and Archimage gave respect to those that did not laugh.


Snake got up and rubbed his head. He looked around at everyone staring at him.


"What did I do?"


Archimages codex bubble convinced everyone the story was true and Snake was not hanged and the King and his men got back together at the top of the wall and started the next fight. The heroes guild people did not show up till the next day. So the fights went on and they became more and more gruesome.








Chapter 5: The end of the preliminaries




Snake and Archimage watched the next match from the stairs. Cronic Lier scared the forth god to death when he said that if he kills him he will reincarnate into Zezima and take revenge on him. The match went to cronic lier.


Bluejay was dueling archimages aquan and killed them with his giant bluebird . The bluebird grabbed them and threw them into the air and and watched as they splattered on the cement. Bluejay won.


Next is one of the matches the fans were looking forward to. Spider Cow vs. The Generic Innkeeper. The innkeeper paced around the cow and then walked in front of it.


"You want a beer?" he asked. He waved a beer mug in front of the cows face.


The cow mooed and nudged at the innkeeper throwing him to the other side of the arena.


"You will pay for my checkup to repair my broken ribs." Said the innkeeper.


The innkeeper than ran at the cow and smashed the beer mug onto the cows face. Pieces of the glass broke and protruded from the cows flesh. The eyes of the cow were poked out and the cow opened it mouth as it fell to the ground, dead. The eyes rolled out of its mouth and blood streamed a path until the eyes came to a complete stop. The innkeeper the said,"He will pay in hell for this broken mug!"


Next match was the cult of the vegies against Archimages bother. Archimages bother was killed by the sharpened carrots of the cult of the orange vegies.


The next match was the master against Xarosen. The master began with a punch to the stomach and an upper cut that smashed Xarosen's nose in. He took out his dragon scimitar and sliced the masters hand open. She screamed as the wound bled all over the arena. Little children cried at the bloody site of it. The master pinched some of the skin over her wound and stitched it together with iron knives. She then pulled out her dragon scimitar and Xarosen met her sword in a fierce blow that knocked both of them off there feet. The master got up the soonest and lunged at Xarosen. He blocked but the master then took out her dragon dagger. It was poisoned. She lunged it into Xarosen's arm and pulled, creating a huge wound, much like the one she had, that had poison in it. She then threw him out of the arena to end the match.


Xarosen was taken for medical treatment while the master walked off to the city.


The next match was Zhunger against plunger and Plunger one by stuffing a plunger down Zhunger's throat.


It was then dinner time. Everyone left while the fighters got a meal that seemed to have nothing but meat involved. Snake ate faster this time and walked off to Reldo to see what he found on necromancers.


Reldo was looking for a book when Snake walked in.


"Found anything?" asked Snake.


"Nothing at all, I could of sworn i had a book on necromancers and the cards say no one checked it out!"


"Well, maybe our evil friend took it in the middle of the night."


"Could be."


"Well, i guess I will leave you alone then."


"See you later."




Snake went out to the parlor and saw Archimage just sitting there.


"Whats up?" asked Snake.


"I am thinking how I am going to win my match tonight."


"Throw noob out of the arena and sit there letting your codex bubble hurt powerent."


"No. Has to be an even easier way. I will figure it out."


Soon, everyone was hurdled outside for the fight Da Mage against yap yap. yap yap lost.


Next was the first three way match. I wont go into detail because this match sucked. Another God won somehow.




The final match of the night. It was getting dark and bonfires were lit around the castle to ward off shades. Torches were lit around the arena and the King stood to announce the final preliminary match.


"We have had some fine fights. But this is the one you have all waited for. Noob please step up."


Noob got into the arena and screamed "WOOOOOOOOO" no one responded.


"Powerent, please make your presence known in the arena!" Powerent walked in and nodded his head in recognition of Noob.


"And finally Archimage!" Archimage walked into the arena and took off his robe.


"Good luck to you all. May the best man win!"


The fight began and both Powerent and Archimage ran up to Noob. They grabbed him and threw him out of the ring. Then, Archimage paced around Powerent.


"I am gonna hurt you bad." Powerent said.


"I dare you to try." Archimage responded.


Just as Powerent was about to pull a punch at Archimage, the lights went out. Complete darkness. People screamed. Suddenly, a figure could be seen in the castles gates. A hooded figure. A snake was gagging him it seemed. But he did not make a single noise as he walked through the crowd and jumped over the arena. Snake stood up and Suddenly, all the lights came back on.


The man then grabbed Snakes face and threw him into one of the pillars that hold up the castle. The lights shut back off and a shade could be seen behind the king. A glint of a long, silver knife could be seen in the shades hand. Suddenly a scream. More shades. The king was sitting there. Snake looked as closely as he could, using the moonlight as his light, and saw that the kings neck was bleeding. The shade slit the kings throat.


Snake got up before the hooded figure with the snake could hit him again. The shades were killing all the civilians in there way. Archimage saw one in the arena and used a fire magic spell to put it on flames. The dim fire did not disturb the other shades as they killed mercilessly. The kings body was thrown over the wall. Guards were being slaughtered. Snake watched as more and more people died. Archimage, Powerent, and Snake tried to get out together. Noob was dead. Archimage put up a burning shield so that Snake and Powerent were able to escape with him.


Outside the castle the same scene. Merciless killing. Snake was getting fed up. Suddenly, Snake was transforming.


"What the hell?" asked Archimage.


Snake was now a hellhound. Snake the hell hound jumped on the back of one of the shades and bit him. The shade went crazy, trying to get the hellhound off him. Archimage saw what Snake the hellhound was doing and attacked with a fire spell. Snake the hellhound jumped off the shade as it burst into flames.


"What happened to Snake?" asked Powerent.


"It seems that whenever he gets really mad he now transforms into hellhound."


"Ohh that is frickin' awesome."


Snakie the hellhound opened up shades to attack. Eventually, the shades retreated. The hooded figure with the snake appeared. "That is enough destruction for now. I will return and kill you and the rest of the fighters."


On a return trip to the castle, Snake transformed back to himself and saw all the returning fighters still alive and inspecting the bodies. The queen ran out from her bedroom and looked at her husbands dead body. Reldo ran out.


"SNAKE!" he said loudly.




"The sign of a necromancer with a snake around his neck is a sign of armageddon!"








Snake and Archimage awoke in the white knights castle. Powerent ran off to his family. Archimage looked out the window in the room. The white knights were preparing for war in the courtyard. Last night, at around two in the morning, a message was intercepted. Snake had it on a dresser next to his bed. It read:


The zombies will meet in the fields of the werewolves.


We expect you and your mages to come and help as as we prepare an unstoppable army. They will defeat all in their way and the white knights will be killed if they interfere.


Snake had smelt blood on it. The writing was written with the blood of the king of Varrock. It was stated clearly when you looked at the letter closely. Snake put a black shirt on and grabbed his swords scabbard. He put into a loop in his belt and Archimage and Snake went to the dining table. The squire sat there. His chin was resting upon his hand.


"There my friends are." He stood up and opened his arms.


"Yup we are here. What is the plan?" asked Snake.


"Tactically we don't have enough knowledge of morytania to figure out an advantage."


"Me and Snake have knowledge." Archimage said.


"Fine. Then give me a walkthrough of the area."


"It starts as a field crawling with graves and zombies."


"That will be a slight advantage for them, don't you think?"


"Yes, but the zombies can not enter the southern swamps. Some dangerous creatures lay in wait for travelers there but we could make it to Canfis if we band together and run."




"The city of the werewolves. We are on friendly terms with the werewolves and they don't take people trying to take over there city lightly."


"This city sounds like an advantage."


"We could place camps in the werewolves city. They have a small village, but like to call it a city."


"What of the north?"


"The slayer castle is a nice tactical advantage. If your men can get past abyssal demons they could use the castles wall as a sniper point and the cannons if we can get the cannon balls."


"Yes...and what else is to the north?"


"The ocean. We could try to see if the varrock people would lend their ships to us."


"They would be glad if they heard our cause."


"Good. Going further to the west is a small farm of undead cows and chickens and the ghost farmer and his wife."


"Can you tell me what good a ghosts farm is?"


"It could be used as a base for the lookouts."


"I guess."


"And more to the west is the ghost city. I will speak there ghostly tongue and we could use their city as a base if we need."


"We have some good advantages..."


"But a necromancer controls the dead and we could have the best plan but still head into a trap."


"So what do we do?"


"Band your men into groups. Me and Archimage will be the leaders of the best men." Snake finally put something into the conversation and that made the squire happy. The squire knew of Snakes power.


"If you were a frontal attack force that would work. I think Archimage though, with his superior magic skills should be a sniper."


"I will accept this job."


"Good. I will lead the ships to the ghost city..."


"And you can make the army retreat back into us and we will completly have them covered on either sides." said Snake.


"Good idea. We will tell the tactics to the men and we will hopefully be ready to go into morytania by sundown."


"What about my men?" asked Snake.


"And mine?" butted in Archimage.


"I will tell them where to meet you and you can prepare them for the fight of their lives."




The necromancer immersed from the shadows where he looked into his crystal ball.


"The white knights will be in morytania tonight. I will be there. You and your men on the other hand will invade Falador. Take some zombies. I will have enough in Morytania ."


"Yesssss my lord." replied a shade.


"You!" the necromancer walked into the next room over and saw a lady, chained to a pole, struggling to free herself.


"Necromancer! I will have you killed when i escape!"


"My royal highness, the royal family shall all die. You saw your husbands body, did you not?"


The queen struggled with the chains, trying to hit the necromancer.


"I had my shade kill him slowly. He slit it so slow, covering the kings mouth so no one could hear his screams."


The queen tried at the necromancer again.


"Here is the shade who killed your husband."


The shade walked in and a sound like a laugh could be heard. She writhed against the pole as the shade stared her in the eye, his glowing yellow eyes making her blind. She looked away.


"And here to kill you, in the slowest way he can, is the zombie form of your husband."


The king walked out. His head was held in place only by stitches and he had a pointed rock in his hand. The necromancer watched, and savored the screams as the queens skin was slowly peeled off.




Varrock's newspaper was having a field day with the death of the king and his bodies mysterious disappearance, as well as the queen disappearing. Reconstruction on the city was beginning and the temporary ruler, the kings advisor and librarian, Reldo, was declaring that the fights would continue after the threat was gone. The arena was placed away in a storage house.


Blood was everywhere and dead bodies littered the ground. People lost their families and many lost their homes. There seemed to be no hope until a letter arrived from Falador, declaring that they were going to wage war against the zombies...








Varrock was in ruin. People were holding their dead children in their hands and Archimage gave silent prayers for them. Snake thought that the way the shades attacked was completely stupid. They killed more people than should have been killed. The shades would pay.


Reldo took Snake and Archimage into his castle for a discussion over lunch.


"I have heard the plan. How are you going to pull it off?" Reldo asked.


"Uhhh...I wonder. Reldo we are going to run into the fray and start nice doggy! slapping them until they give. Give me a break we are gonna fight our way to the necromancer and kill him." Snake said.


"And you are going to surround them."


"Yeah. Not from the south though because as I have told you before, that swamp is full of nasty stuff."


"I got you. Oh, there is our lunch."


An exquisite soup and bread was served. Snake took a sip and thought it tasted half way decent.


"Anyway we have the ships docked over in the river Salve. That should take the men to the ocean."


"It will. Thanks for the lunch but we better get over to Morytania before the enemies get to strong."


"What are you talking about? You two have not even finished your soup!"


"It's a full moon tonight. We have to get to the ghost town because we sure as hell are not going to set up camp in the werewolve town."


"Oh. Be careful you two."


"Don't worry about us. You better worry about yourself. I know there is going to be a murder attempt on you sometime."


"How would you know?"


"Would you doubt me after everything that has happened?"


Snake and Archimage left and got to the river Salve within an hour where the white knights were working on there fighting. Across the river, zombies could be seen roaming around. Snake caught the eye of one but the zombie looked the other way.


"It is time men. Prepare yourselves!" Snake took out his sword. It was some type of odd dragon sword with a snake engraved on it. The snake looked like he was slithering around the sword. Snake started to hurdle people onto the ships and saw Sir Amik Varze.


"Good luck sir." Said Snake.


"I hopefully won't be needing it." Snake and Amik shook hands and Snake then cut the ropes to the ships and watched them depart. Archimage was leading his men to the slayer castle. Snake and his men got over the bridge and stopped as zombies turned to attack them. Everyone drew their swords and Snake stopped them. They sat their and when the zombies came close and started attacking the soldiers, they were brutally mauled by the first row of Snakes soldiers and did not escape to the second row of soldiers.


Snake then told his men to kill. They all attacked the zombies and the zombies then receded. A giant monster with five eyes and so much flesh, some was dragging on the ground appeared form the swamps and took out a giant ax. It swiped at Snake Snake dodged and cut its left knee. It screamed and blood leaked from its knee. It then tried to chop Snake in half. Snake backstepped and cut off its arm. A volley of arrows then came from the sky. They stabbed the creatures back and the creature slumped to its knees and died.


Snake looked awound and saw no enemies. He and his men walked to Canfis. In Canfis, the necromancer sat on one of the buildings and all the werewolve people were in their werewolve form. It was three in the afternoon but dark in the land of Zamorrack.


"Snake, I have been expecting you..."




In Falador, the shades were killing all the guards. People screamed and wondered why the shades were there in broad daylight. The shades destroyed buildings and began to burn the white knights castle when eagles appeared in the sky.


"The eagles are coming!" Yelled a short person with big feet.


"Whats your name, I have never seen you before."


""My name is Bimbo Blaggins."


"Were you in some story or something?"




A shade stuffed the short person into a barrel and threw him down a river.


"The White Knights castle was burned down and the shades used the civilians left as slaves to recreate the castle into the ultimate castle of darkness.








Falador was destroyed. The castle was crumbled and in its place was a black castle with the many Zamorakian mages lined up in the front. Why was not known to the slaves who were chained to various things in order for them to rebuild the city into the ultimate city of Zamorack. One teenage kid, about 16 years old, was hiding in the dwarven mines. The dwarfs were preparing a rebellion against the Zamoracks. But as the dwarves marched to the stairs that led into Falador, the army of Zamorack put dynamite in the wall. The ceiling of the cave collapsed and the dwarves were not able to enter Falador.




"Snake, you have been an enemy of the zamorackians long enough. You would think, that since Zamorack is your father..." The necromancers large yellow eyes peered down at Snake.


"I don't care who the hell my father is! I hate him. He treated me like crap for all those years and when I was exiled from the hellish pits of his land, I was happy and able to start a new life. It was the best feeling ever. I soon became so strong, I could not control myself from killing. But Guthix implanted this jewel in me that will unleash the ultimate demon on Runescape, the demon version of me."


"Well, I will break that jewel then and control you. I control all darkness."


"You break the jewel, you know that you have unleashed the destruction of Runescape. You and everyone on runescape will die and my father will have won."


"How so?"


"My father knew that the jewel will someday break, and when it does, It will transform me. When I kill, the person I kill does not go for judgment in the heavens but is automatically transported to hell."


"Well, I am one of your fathers loyal servants..."


"Do you think he cares? Once you die he will make you a slave like everyone else."


"I am sick of your lies. He would never do that, werewolves, attack!"


Snake took out his sword and cut the legs out from under one of the werewolves. He slaughtered all of them. But, once he killed them all, he saw that he had just killed innocent people who were taken over by the necromancer.


"Look at your pitiful army, I can't believe it got this far without being killed by my zombies. The Falador knights are a very small..."


"Really necromancer?" A spear was thrown in the air and it was stuck in what appeared to be the necromancers shoulder blade.


"Damn, I will kill you for that!" The necromancer pulled the spear out of his shoulder and hurled it at sir Amik Varzes army. It sailed through throwing most of the army in the air. It hit a tree and the tree shattered into splinters. Sir Varze was the last of his army.


Snake jumped onto the roof that the necromancer sat on at lunged at him. The necromancer parried with a bronze dagger. Snake was then frozen as the necromancer said "Wait while I talk, don't let your life be wasted before you hear what happened to Falador and that you wasted your life for nothing."


"What have you done to my city?" asked Varze.


"Only taken it over and made it become the ultimate city of Zamorack. His coffin is even on display and I believe that you Snake, will be the sacrifice to bring him back to life."


"I will not be a sacrifice!"


"Too bad, your stuck are you not? How are you going to escape frozen like that?"


"Like this." Snake appeared in front of the necromancer.


"How the hell?"


"I am Zamoracks son."


Snake lunged again and the necromancer back flipped to his feet. Snake saw magic balls flying and they hit the necromancers back. The necromancers robes burned and his true form was shown.


Amik Varze puked.


Snake held it back and looked into the necromancers yellow eyes. He had four hands, each shriveled and the finger tips were pointed. He had two feet but they were the feet of a spider. He had the most pulled back face ever. He was revolting to look at.


"You have seen my real form. Well this is the last thing you will see Snake!"


Suddenly, the necromancer lunged and plunged his dagger through Snakes armor. Snake screamed as he hit the jewel. The jewel began to spew fire. Snake watched as the necromancer laughed and teleported away. Snake felt a weird sensation and fell off the roof of the house.


Archimage teleported to where Snake was writhing and turned Snake over. Snake screamed. Archimage took out the necessary runes and then ripped Snakes shirt open more, more fire spewed out of the jewel. A diamond. Archimage looked at the diamond ring on his finger, the last remnant of his previous life. He set it down and chanted words. The runes all disappeared and the diamond from Archimages ring flew into the cracked part of Snakes demon Jewel. Archimage stood up and saw that he had sucessfully did the most advanced magic spell ever, the demon seal.


Snake was completely knocked out and Archimage used a huge spell to teleport all the remaining white knights and the white knight corpses to Camelot.




The funeral procession was long. Fifty white knights had died in a battle that was a diversion. Varrock was destroyed. Falador was taken over. Snake was almost dead. Archimage bowed his head in prayer as the coffins of the heroic White Knights passed by him. Once the procession was over, he took a short walk to Camelot castle and met with King Arthur, who was looking at Snake. Snake was on the round table. Blood was oozing out around the jewel. Snake seemed to be dead.




In the new Zamorack castle, the necromancer stared at the coffin of Zamorack.


"Soon my god. Soon."








Snake was in a bed in Camelot castle. He was writhing in pain as blood gradually seeped out around his demon jewel. Archimage was sitting next to him, watching him become whiter and whiter. It seemed Snake was dead. That night, he died. A marble coffin was made and his body was placed in it. The jewel was disintegrating, due to the demon having no life force to suck on.


The funeral was long. Reldo, Powerent, Archimage, and most of the surviving fighters in the tournament were there. Archimage stepped up and threw a bunch of roses onto his grave. It seemed that there was now no hope to defeating the necromancer.




Snake looked around the dimly lit pit he was in. Two other people were in it mining coal. Snake walked up to one, only to see that the person was Noob.


"Oh my god! Snake, nice to see you!" Noob tried to hug Snake but Snake shook him off.


"Where in hell am I?" asked Snake.


"A coal pit."




"I thought you knew from the way you asked that question!"


"Oh crap..."


Snake looked up and saw the sky was made of stalagmites and saw that there was lava flowing on the ceiling. None of it fell.


"Is there any way out of this pit?" asked Snake.


"Yeah, through that door guarded by the hellhounds."


Snake looked at the hellhounds and laughed. He then morphed into a hellhound.


"Oh my god, when did you learn to become a scary doggy?" asked Noob stupified.


Snake the hound used his claws to slit the two hellhounds throats and motioned for noob to follow him. The other guy tried to follow but the door closed on him.


Snake morphed back.


"That was awesome!" Yelled Noob.


"You are telling me! I got a lot of power in that form."


Snake looked up and saw Zamoracks castle, where terrible memories of childhood over took him. He remembered the beatings and the harshness. His father was a major cabbage.


Snake and Noob walked up the stairs to the red castle. Then, Snake opened the double doors. Slaves screamed as Snake picked up a DNA encoded sword.


"Zamoracks my father."


Slaves scattered and Snake kicked open the throne room door. He slaughtered the two demon guards and ran at the throne. Zamorack jumped over the throne and sheathed his sword. He attacked at Snake and Snake parried. It was a vicious battle. Noob sat down on the throne and watched. Suddenly, Zamorack lost the crown on his head and instead, it was on Noob.


"Nooo!" yelled Zamorack.


"Hay, cool crown, maybe people will think I'm a player mod!" Noob said.


Snake plunged his sword into Zamoracks stomach.


Zamorach coughed up blood. He was a human. Noob suddenly was wearing a red robe.


"Noob sat on the throne, that makes him a god and the king of hell." said Snake.


Zamorack passed out and he came back, this time in rags.


"How could an imbecile such as yourself take over hell?"


"I sat on the throne. Cool huh? I am now in control of the darkest place anywhere. But I want it to be a little more colorful."


Snake laughed. He had not felt this good since his father had sent him to runescape all those years ago.


"Hay noob?"


"Yeah buddy, you wanna be my advisor?"


"Hell no, I would be to any other king but you, hell no."


"Your loss. Anyways whats up?"


"Make my father work in the coal mines?"


"They wont be coal mines for long!"


"What will they be?"


"Gladiator pits!"


"Cool. I have to watch my father fight like that. And with no god powers!"


Suddenly, Snake felt a lurch and started seeing his legs disappear, then his torso.


"Whats going on Snake?"


"I don't know..."




The necromancer watched as Snake rose from the dead. He cackled as Snake fell to the ground and hit his head.


"My clumsy slave..."


"What? I'm a slave?"




"Too bad." Snake punched him in the face and his hood fell back.


"Oh lord, I do not want to see your face anymore!"


Snake was punched by the necromancer and knocked out.




Archimage watched the necromancer. When Snake was knocked out, the necromancer teleported. Falador, thought Archimage, He is going to resurrect Zamorack.




Snake awoke in a castle decorated red and looked up to see a knife hanging over him.


"My lord, that is the wrong sacrifice! Here is the sacrifice." A shade was holding Archimages limp body.


"Bring him here."


He was put on a table and the necromancer yelled a spell and then plunged the knife into Archimages stomach.








Snake watched as Archimage woke up and turned around to look at Snake. Arhimages once brilliantly white teeth were covered in blood. Archimage smiled at Snake and died. Snake yelled. He suddenly broke the shackles that held him onto the table he was lying on.


Snake had no weapons on him. He just ran out of sheer anger at the necromancer. They both flew over Archimages limp body and onto the floor. Snake continues to beat on the necromancer, only to see that in the necromancers place, there was now a shade. The shade pulled a knife out of his cloak and sliced at Snake. Snake barely dodged it and it sliced some skin from the top of his shoulder.


Suddenly, Noob appeared. He saw Snake fighting with the shade and with a fling of his hand, the shade was gone.


"Man it rocks to be a god!" he said.


The necromancer ran into the room and pulled off his hood. Noob screamed.


"Oh my...well I am a god so...Oh my me!"


Noob puked all over the red carpet.


"My lord, you do not look right. The prophecy shows you with a beard..."


"I will change your face before I talk to you." Noob waved his hand and the necromancer's face was a handsome guys face.


"Now then what have you to ask of me?" asked the necromancer.


"Hay, necromancer!" The necromancer looked at Snake.




"Archimage was not the sacrifice."




"He fooled you..."




"While I was being dragged away, Archimage mind contacted me. It is one of his specialties, and I told him everything."


"Then who is this imbecile?"


"Me." Archimage morphed from Noob to himself.


"Nice acting, and nice magic." Snake said.


"Thanks. Anyway, I made a clone of myself using magic, made the shade disappear using a teleport spell..."


"Where is he now?" asked the necromancer.


"Somewhere in the wild getting killed. And I made your face change using magic to."


"I will kill you for fooling me!" Archimage watched the necromancer run at him. He then side stepped out of the way. Suddenly, there was a flash and the real noob appeared.


"You want to kill Snake and Archimage?"




"Snake..." Noob threw the sword of Zamorack to Snake, the god sword some called it. Snake then ran at the necromancer and toucked him gently with the tip of the sword. What would have been an indentation to the skin started swelling up. His whole body swelled up and the necromancer exploded. Blood was everywhere.


"Noob?" Asked Snake.




"Have fun with him when he becomes a gladiator for you."




Noob disappeared and Snakes new sword suddenly became smaller and smaller. It then disappeared.


All the shades in Falador disappeared. All the slaves were freed and reconstruction began. Snake only had one question to ask after the battle.


"Why were the shades out during the day?"


The answer would not be know until the uprising of Zamorack, which was only two weeks away.




Noob sat on his gold chair and watched the armor plated necromancer fight a demon. He laughed. It was funny to watch. Noob was now the king of hell and had powers beyond no others. But suddenly, as he was watching the fight, he was whisked away to a cloud where Guthix and Saradomin were sitting and watching a crystal ball.


"You, Noob, must prepare..." said Guthix.




Snake was sleeping in the varrock inn when he heard a shrill scream. A scream that he had heard years ago, when he was almost killed by his father. He went outside and saw that Susan Ganda was being beat up by thieves.When she saw him a tear of joy fell from her eye. My boyfriend, she thought.




Archimage was heading back to the lost library. When he got there, an old man greeted him and suddenly plunged his hand into Archimages stomach.


"You are old enough now for the test. You took a test a long time ago, as a 20 year old, but the time has come to see if you are truly powerful and wise enough to be a keeper of the books." The voice came from his mind.


"What was the test when I was a child?"


"A test we give to people before they enter and become apprentices, a novice test."


"THAT WAS A NOVICE TEST?" Archimage was stunned. The last test he took was the scariest thing ever.


"Yes, now then we will jump you to the master test, lets delve into your past first and remember the HAPPY days you had before you entered the library." He put a sarcastic tone to the word happy.


"No...I do not want to remember. NO!"








Blake woke from his sleep. He was seven years old. He was having nightmares about his mother, about his dad. He got out of his bedroll and opened the flap to his leather tent. He exited. Blake was in the thieves training grounds. Blake was a thief. He was also a mage. Thieves hated anyone who used magic, but not Blake. He was somewhat loved by some people in the camp.


Blake's father was a notorious thief. A leader of a cult who thought that museums were hogging all the valuables in the land. His father became the biggest thief in Runescape. When he was caught and hung, the thieves of the land were in an uproar. The war of thieves began.


Blake was born right after the war was declared. He was born to the king of Varrock's daughter. When the king asked who the father was when the baby was born,his daughter proudly declared:


"The best thief in the land, George Karrel."


The daughter was hung. The king could not tolerate his only daughter losing her virginity to a thief. It was not right. Anyway, the law stated that any association with thieves was forbidden.


Blake was hiding in his mothers house when he was found by thieves, raiding the house for all of George's things. They took him as one of their own. He lived in the thieves camp ever since.


Blake was somehow adept at doing magic. He learned how good he was at magic in Varrock. He met a magician on the street, passing by him. The magician stopped specifically to tell him he had a weird sort of aura around him.The magician then said to practice magic for someday he would be a fine mage someday.


Thats when Blake started learning magic. He loved it. The thieves resented it though.


Blake saw the leader of their camp sitting in front of a bonfire.


"Blake?" The leader turned from his battered book and gave a cold glance to Blake.


"Yes sir. It is I."


"You know, I really don't see the point of you being in this camp. You are a terrible thief."


"I will get better as I master magic. I will be the first magician thief."


"That is funny, do you think you will be as good as your father?"


"I'll be better."


"You are the most pathetic excuse for a thieve ever!"


The leader took a knife out from inside his brown cloak.


"The only reason we keep you is because your father said in his will to keep you with the thieves. Then you meet that magician and you get in your mind that you will be a great thief because of your magic skills. We don't need you! Screw your father!"


The leader lunged at Blake. Blake side stepped and kicked him in the stomach. The leader screamed as he lost his balance and fell into the bonfire. He writhed in pain as his screams echoed through the camp. His flesh burned to the bone. The last thing he did was flick Blake off. The whole camp had heard the scream and surrounded the fire.


They stared at their leaders burning body, and Blake, who was wide eyed and thought he was dead.


"You killed the leader at seven?"


"Your father killed the leader at age thirteen! You are now the camps new leader!"


"Such a kill! And so young."


"You don't get it! I did not kill him intentionally! it is a misunderstanding!! I tried to protect myself and..." Blake was cut off.


"Our new leader!"




Blake was sixteen. He was still leader. And it was time to take the test of manhood. Blake had been doing small tasks such as stealing from rich peoples purses. Now though, the biggest test was about to begin for Blake.


He stood before the thief elders. Four people who were as old as dirt, but as sly as a fox.


"Your task leader, is to steal the shield of the hero Arrav from the Varrock museum."


Blake bowed his head low."I accept this task."


The elders dismissed and went their separate ways. The elder known as Crulis walked up to Blake and whspered:


"Its a suicide mission. Get caught and your screwed."


"I wont get caught."


"Might see you again." The old man walked off.


Blake changed from his thief clothes to his civilian clothes. He then went to Varrock and took the side street to the museum. He got a map from the information desk and went upstairs to the history section of the museum. The shield glinted from the afternoon sunlight, coming through the window. He marked on his map where it was and all the windows were. The possible spots that security orbs would be placed was also marked on his map. magic security orbs activated at night and taped what was going on. All security personel would be upstairs watching through magic balls. In the palace, guards would also be watching them.


Blake left the museum and went back to the thief camp. It was time to figure out some possible ways to steal the shield.




Darkness engulfed the land fast. Blake was hiding in the weapons shop.The weapon shop owner told Blake he was shutting down for the night. Blake left, and entered a dark alley. He changed into his dark colored thief clothes and walked to the southern wall of the museum.On the third floor, a window was open. Good.


Blake took a grappling hook and threw it through the window. He scaled the attached rope and crouched on the window sill. Blake jumped down and saw that the guards noticed him. One charged at him. Blake ducked and flung the guard out of the window. A nasty splat was heard. Four down.


Two more guards ran at Blake. Blake used a fire spell and they burned like a pyre. The last two tried to run away. An air spell sent them into the wall with a bone shattering crash. The guards slumped to the floor.


Blake took the stairs two at a time, until he cam to the second floor. The shield was still in the same glass case. Two security orbs were on this floor. Blake uttered a spell and twin bolts of lightning struck the orbs, blowing them up. The coast was clear.


Blake ran to the glass case and searched it for traps. Blake saw poison spouts. These would be simple to deactivate. Blake took a sharp knife from the inside of his boot and cut the metallic box that held the shield on top. He carefully cut some wires and took the bottle of poison that was hooked to the wires.


Blake stuffed the poison into his rucksack,tied to his bely. He then took off the glass covering the shield. It was all his.




The king of Varrock was awoke from his deep slumber. He heard a small siren go off. As he got out of bed, he woke up his wife. She too, left the bed to see what the problem was. Guards huddled together, watching a crystal ball, now put on the kings marble, dining room table. A lightning strike seemed to hit the inside of the ball and then all that was seen in the ball was darkness.


The king saw this and then saw that it was footage from the museum. He told his guards to go to the museum and search for the thief. The guards rushed. They saw that the shield of Arrav was missing and two guards slumped on the wall, dead. Someone yelled from outside and the guards saw a bloody mess on the pavement. Twin piles of ashes were also found. But no thief.




The soon to be Archimage ran away from Varrock laughing, not knowing what fate had in store for him and the shield.








Snake saw the beefy looking guy try to steal Susan's purse. He got it and ran down the alley. Snake ran after him.


The guy took all the alleys he could. Snake eventually was getting so sick of the chase that he took a bounding leap and landed on a building. Following him was a lot easier now. Snake took another leap and landed on the guy. One of his ribs cracked when Snake pushed him to the ground. Snake grabbed the purse and walked off. The guy made an attempt to throw a knife at Snake but Susan's high heels crushed his hand.


"Thanks." Snake backtracked and handed her her purse.


"Come on, we can go tell the king of your heroism!"


"Why tell the king?"


"Because he is my boyfriend"


Snakes head drooped low. Reldo. He could not believe he took his girlfriend. The one Snake risked his life to save. He could feel tears, the first tears he had felt in years, well up in his eye.


"Take me to him."




Snake sat at the marble dining table. Reldo had a steaming cup of tea in front of him while Snake had a glass of wine. Snake needed a drink. Something stronger than this.


"Whats the problem Snake?" Reldo asked.


"You." It was the only reply Snake could think of. Susan walked in. Her blond hair down to her shoulder and her baby blue eyes would keep you staring at her for a long time.


"Snake, whats the problem?"


"You took my girlfriend from me."


"She thought you were dead..."


"So the funeral...The funeral that I attended to declare I was alive...you were not there." Anger was taking over. This would not turn out good.


"There were other plans...more important..."Susan was cut off.


"What could be more important than the funeral of your boyfriend, who took a gaping wound for you to survive...from his own father..."


Snake could not comprehend what he was saying. He was to mad. Anger leads to fear. An old saying. It was his fear that his girlfriend hated him the whole time.


"Why did you like me Susan? Why were we together for so long?"


"Because...because." Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Reldo watched them cry. He acted like none of this bothered him.


"Why would I marry someone who's father is a god and resent our marriage? And to make sure that we don't get married, kill me."


"But it was me who got hurt. You ran, never came back. You liked me because I had power, was well respected..."


"Snake you are going to far!" Reldo finally put something into the conversation, or the emotional breakdown, whatever you want to call it.


"You are one to talk.We were friends! Best friends. And you go and start dating my girlfriend..." Snake got up from his chair. He walked for Susan.


"What the hell are you doing Snake?" Reldo got up and grabbed Snakes arm. Snake shook him off and punched his gut. Blood seemed to seep out of Reldo's mouth. Susan screamed a shrill scream that woke some of the guards. They ran in to see Snake strangling Susan and the king coughing up blood.








The final straw. Reldo got up. Snake dropped the limp body and watched as his former best friend took out a knife. He wiped the blood from his lips on his white button up. The guards grabbed Snake and held him.


"Blood stains are hard to get out." Snake said this coolly.


"But death is impossible to get out." Reldo walked up to Snake and stabbed him. Blood seeped into his clothes. The stain grew more and more.


"You happy?" asked Snake.


"A death for a death..." Reldo was stunned when Snake threw all the guards behind him onto him. The knife was pulled down. Snake screamed. He pulled it out, just in time for everyone of the guards and Reldo to get up. More guards came and Snake was quickly seized and thrown in a prison cell downstairs. His wounds were healing quickly. Must be an effect of being half hellhound he thought.




Noob stared at the giant,white bearded Guthix and Saradomin.


"Let me ask you this Noob. What are you doing to torture the evil?" asked Guthix.


"Putting them in gladiator suits and making them fight!"


"Hay, that is a good idea." Said Saradomin.




"Oh, no problem I mean, I can see the road signs in heaven now, "you are now entering hell, home of the evil souls gladiator matches".


"Oh my me....you have to be kidding." said Guthix.








Blake was back at the camp. Well, what remained of the camp. The camp seemed to have burned down and a large dispute was what seemed to have been the cause. The thieves were in the training ground. When Blake came over to the training grounds people looked stunned to see the shield in his hand.


"What is going on?" Blake asked.


"Those people want to follow the elders instead of you!"


Blake walked over to the people who wanted to follow him.




"They think you are to young and thought you would be caught and killed anyway."


"Well to bad. I wasn't."


One of the elders walked up behind Blake and grabbed the shield from his hand. Blake held it tight and a fight broke out. Everyone was killing each other. The shield broke. The old guy had part and Blake had the other part.


"Black arm gang, come." The old men and some thieves followed the old guy with part of the shield.


"Pheonix gang, follow." Blake followed them into Varrock, where they entered an abandoned house. Blake handed the shield to a young man who was entering the door and walked off.


Blake walked for years. He could not stand the seperation and was sick of being a thief.




At 20 years old Blake was on the other side of Runescape. He was way south, and on the beach. From the beach, he could see a building, coming out of the water. A circular building. Blake decided to swim out to it.


The swim was long and hard. When he got there a rope was thrown down to him. He grabbed it and was heaved up by an old man.


"Welcome to the lost library." The old man was wearing orange robes.


"Why are you out here?"


"We are not in the ocean, we are everywhere! The lost library IS the space time continuem!"


"You are weird I am leaving..."


"Not so fast...you found this place because you are destined to be a guardian of the library for the rest of eternity!"


"WHAT?" The old man stuck his hand into Blake's stomach. Darkness.


Welcome to the test Archimage.


What did you just call me? Who are you?


I am Jebediah, a guardian of the library. And I called you Archimage.




Because,the name suits you, your going to be an Archival mage if you pass the test.


What test?


This one.


Archimage was now in an arena. He saw someone, a dark figure appear out of nowhere.


Who are you? He asked.


Xarosen. Your dark side.


You must defeat the evil in you to become a guardian Archimage. The old mans voice said.


A sword was in Archimages hand and he ran at his dark side. He sliced his dark side in half. Xarosen just laughed.


Your hatred for me keeps me alive.


Archimage tried to clear his mind of thoughts. He tried to thing in a good way.


Why are you so mean Xarosen?


Because I am who I am.


But why? Why can't you be nice and not use thievery to get happiness. You have controlled me for so long. Why do you do it?


I thieve for fun.


But all your fun is hurting others.




So, why not be nice and help others.


AUGH, Shut up Archimage!


Why? You have controlled me all these years, why should I shut up to the likes of you?




Xarosen was gone. The old man's voice said:


Now let us delve into your past. All the terrible times and the thievery. And now that Xarosen was gone, Archimage was able to not do that, to be able to make decisions.




After his past was seen Blake was reborn into Arcimage, who ended up leaving the library for using it for his own purposes, to talk to his dead mother. Nobody found out about this until Archimage pasts his next test, which was to make a codex bubble. After the test they found out and banned him. He still had his codex bubble, his moms only remaining possession, her diamond ring, and his robes and knowledge he had learned. The people told him to come back in two years, after he had thought hard about why he would contact his mother and if it helped him.




Two years had passed and Archimage had figured out that it was wrong to contact his mother. The test would make him a true guardian of the library. And the next test was to go into his nightmares and face what he worst fears...








Snake was being dragged out of the castle. Thee guards pulled him all the way to town square, where the gallows were set up. An executioner with a black mask on watched as Snake was pulled up the stairs to the wooden deck.


Snake let the guards put the tied rope over his head and the guards still held on to him as Reldo spoke.


"Snake, you deserve to die! You killed Susan, you attempted to kill me..."


"I could have if your pathetic and stupid guard weren't holding me ba..."


One of the guards punched him in the stomach. Snake was gagging on the tightened rope.


"Goodbye old friend. May Zamorack spare your soul eternal pain and..."


"Zamorack? Ha!" Snake was choking on the rope as he talked.


"Kill him."


Snake saw the man with the black mask over his head pull a lever. The floor under Snake was dropped and he flew down, bouncing as the rope tried to straighten. He was seeing lights, and red. It was time to put his plan into action.


The transformation was quick and before he knew it, Snake the hellhound was running out of the city. The ropes knot was too large for the small head and neck of the hellhound.


Snake ran. And ran. When in Lumbridge, he stopped running. He transformed back to his human form and went to the church. Father Lawrence was rummaging through his gods bible.




"Snake? Why are you here? I thought you were to be hung?"


Dammit. Rumors go around to fast.


"No, that was one of Noobs little jokes."


"Where is Noob?"


"Um, lets just say he is not with us at the moment."


"He has died?"


"Well, if you want to put it that way..."




Guthix looked at Saradomin and Noob.


"As the god of balance I must get rid of one of you imbeciles and put in someone smart."


"You may be god of balance, but I am the god of good." Said Saradomin.


"And I am the god of evil. It evens out."


Guthix looked at them some more. He was about to go crazy.




The funeral was attended only by a few. Susan was buried in her hometown of Lumbridge. Snake knew nothing about his and ended up being seen by one of Reldo's guards.


Snake ran for it, into the swamp. He took out his dramen staff, his only way to escape this wretched land. He kicked the small sheds door open and was instantly teleported away to one of the only places to see faries.




The sighting of Snake and his disappearance was related to Reldo. Reldo stared at the guard, wide eyed.


"That is the way into the city of the faries. He told me of his adventure to get a dramen staff and enter the city a long time ago."


"Where is this dramen staff located?"


"That I can't remember."


"Then that does not help."


Reldo walked away from the grave and went to Varrock as fast as he could. He needed to alert everybody in the land of Snake.




Snake left the fairy city when the cost was clear. He was going to go to the lost library. It was on the far eastern side of Runescape. That was what Archimage had said.


Snakes walk was about a day. He teleported as much as he could and was not caught or seen by anyone on the way. That night, he was on the beaches and could see a circular place in the middle of the ocean. He swam to it. When he got there a rope was thrown down to him.


He climbed it only to see Archimage face down on the ground with an old guy staring at him and another old man pull up the rope he threw down to Snake.


"Hello Snake, we know much about you and you are needed for Archimage's test."


The old man plunged his hand into Snakes stomach and there was darkness. Then, an arena and Archimage.


Whats going on?


Fighting you is Archimage's worst fear, so we will pit you in a fight.


What the hell are you doing here Snake?


I don't know.








Snake thought that this was crazy. He was not going to fight his best friend. But the old man had said to him that this was Archimages test and Snake would not be killed, and Archimage would not be killed either.


Snake drew his sword and pointed it at Archimage.


"Sorry if I hurt you to bad." Snake said.


"You won't."


Archimage let Snake lunge at him. Archimage then used his codex bubble on him. Snakes sword cracked on impact with the bubble. Suddenly Snake felt a pain in his stomach. He screamed as blood seeped through his shirt.


"Stop the fight!" Archimage called. The darkness diminished and now Snake was in a rotunda, filled with books. Archimage pulled off his shirt and saw to his horror, that his diamond was not sealed in the demon jewel. It was in small shards, surrounding the jewel like a fort. Blood seeped from the edge of the jewel, like last time.


"Dammit." Archimage must not have sealed it good enough. There was no way to stop the demon now.


"What is going on Archimage?" One of the library guards asked. Archimage pointed at the jewel and the guard understood.


"We need someway to get rid of the jewel." The guard ran up a set of stairs, and entered a long hall hull of books. He picked one up and ran back to Archimage.


The guard flipped through the book until he found the page he wanted. He marked the page and ran to a room full of potions and other magical stuff. He grabbed some stuff and ran out.


"When did it open Snake?" Asked Archimage.


"I don't know, but it almost took me over when I killed my old girlfriend."


"I am back." The guard set all the things he collected down and took a potion from a bag first. He opened it and poured it into the jewel. Snake screamed as the jewel spewed steam out of its crack. The guard then began creating another potion. It had a lot of ingredients to it. When it was finished, the guard took out his staff and plunged it into the crack in the jewel. He yelled a spell and fire started melting the jewel. The potion was then dumped on it, as Snake screamed. The jewel suddenly melted away.


Snake got up and looked at his bare chest, now with a circular scar there instead of the jewel. Snake thanked the guard and took Archimage to a private room to tell him what had been going on. Archimage then said:


"The only way to erase everyones memory of your murder and escape is to use the large crystal ball on the top floor. But, it will get us banned from the library. I would like to leave. I like being able to hang out with you. I don't want to spend an eternity guarding a library."


"Good, because I want to be able to go to the mainland and not get killed."[/hide]






As with the original fighting tournament, all biographies are welcome, even if they are somewhat odd, because this is Snake and Noob (minus Noob because without him, no one will complain). So in the next post, I will begin the multi-part epic that is the next fighting tournament! Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Return to the Nightmare




It was a huge surprise to the people of Gielnor when they read that the new king of Varrock was hosting a fighting tournament. Most people were now regretting ever liking the new king. Why in the name of the Gods would you have another fighting tournament? The last one had made such an impact on the land, that no one would have thought the King would do it again.


The King told everyone he knew that his predecessor had been murdered during the last tournament, along with a couple thousand people in Varrock, ten thousand and something people in Falador, and more elsewhere. He knew that the last tournament had brought the downfall of Falador, and brought the complete rebuilding of the great city.


Yet, it did not bother him. His response to any negativity over this controversial idea was, "That happened two years ago. He was the last necromancer, which means we will never see another!"


Some people did agree with that. The man that ended up being killed after the downfall of Falador was the last necromancer, and there was probably no mortal being in the entire land with the kind of power this man had.


The King also wanted to finish what began two years before. The tournament never got finished, and nobody wanted to finish it, mostly because no one would be able to see it. Reconstruction was a long process that was still taking place across the land.




So it was on a gorgeous fall evening that the King watched as people entered the castle courtyard. The King had placed the same set up as before. The graves of the dead from this tournament were nonexistant, and instead the King felt that the bodies of the fallen should be thrown on the fires in the night, that would protect the people from the shades.


So, inside the courtyard was the arena, a rectangular platform with bars poking up every two inches on all four sides. People crowded around it, except for where a red carpet was laid out, leading from the castle doors, down the set of stairs, and to a ladder that you would climb to enter the arena.


The King and the members of the heroes guild sat clumped together with the Queen sitting this out. She did not believe in violence, and felt that she would spend the time in the castle library, or in the castle gardens.


Other important people sat on a new balcony that the King had ordered built. It covered the stairs that led to the arena, and was probably the best seats in the house.


The people surrounding the arena could see inside thanks to the bars surrounding it being made of some kind of clear alloy, some kind of alchemy probably.


So, it was at dusk, that the King stood from his throne, and called the fighters forward.




An hour before, Snake and Archimage sat at a table with other fighters. Not many people had come back from the previous fighting tournament. Archimage recognized Xarosen, his evil brother. Snake recognized Blue Jay, who he had met from the police force a year back.


Other than that, there did not seem to be anyone who stood out. Except for Snake and Archimage who everyone stared at. The chef came in with bowls of piping hot soup and still as everyone blew on their spoonfuls and sucked the tasty dish up, they stared at Snake and Archimage.


Maybe it was because Snake had a giant sword strapped to his back, the hilt poking out behind his shoulder. Or maybe it was because he so prominently displayed his chest, instead of wearing his usual armor, he now wore a tattered vest and a pair of black pants with steel tipped boots. Or maybe it was because he was shoveling the soup into his mouth, even though it was beyond hotter than a normal mouth could take.


Archimage got just as many stares as Snake. Was it because of the staff that he had strapped to his back, that poked up over his head? Was it his white over coat with light blue symbols thrown all over it, lightly glowing? Was it the orb that bounced up and down next to his head?


By the time everyone finished their soup, everyone started talking to the two men.


"You're the ones who killed the necromancer!"


"That's no fair! We have to fight people who took out someone as powerful as a necromancer?"


Snake stared over at Archimage, and Archimage just shrugged.


After the main course that consisted of a steak and potato, Snake and Archimage left.


"You're gonna miss dessert!" One person yelled as they headed toward the back of the castle.


The back room of the main floor of the castle contained the castle library, where Reldo took care of ancient and new books. It was the most complete library next to the Lost Library.


Snake knocked on the ancient, wooden door of the library, and Reldo opened it quite fast. He then smiled.


"Snake and Archimage! It's been two years! How has it been going?"


Snake and Archimage walked into the large room and sat at a wooden table. Reldo walked over to his desk and opened a drawer.


"You guys have to see what this foreigner brought from his country!" Reldo pulled his hand out of the drawer and shut it.


"You shouldn't mess with that crap from foreigners, last time I bought from one I ended up with a spear that broke after plunging into the belly of a steel dragon." Snake started to laugh.


Reldo's left eyebrow went up. "Snake, I don't think you are supposed to use regular spears for that sort of thing."


Snake continued laughing.


Archimage looked at Reldo's hands and saw a cube. "A puzzle box? Those things are really bad."


"He gave it to me for four coins, said it was just something fun to do when you are bored."


Archimage stood and took the box from Reldo's hands, inspeciting it.


"Back when we originally started trading with the people from the other land, we got a lot of these boxes for cheap prices. Most contained demon and other bad stuff. I'd get rid of this." Archimage tossed it back to Reldo.


Reldo caught it and looked at Snake. "How's the hellhound thing been working out?"


"Archimage gives me an antidote when I am going really crazy, but other than that, it has been proved incurable. I am stuck this way forever."


Reldo laughed. "Suits you."


A bell rang. Snake stood and started heading for the door.


"Time to fight."


Archimage followed him, as well as Reldo.


"Let's hope this doesn't turn out as bad as the last tournament." He said.


"Or worse." Snake added.


"How could it get worse?" Reldo asked.


Snake shrugged. "I knew this was a bad idea to redo this. I think something bad is going to happen."


"Another necromancer?"


"No worse." Snake left the room. Reldo stared down at his puzzle box and shook his head.




The combatants lined across the stairway, each facing the King who stood taller than his predecessor.


"Welcome combatants to the new Varrock Fighting Tournament! You all know the rules, and know that if you break them, you are going to pay a dear price."


The crowd was screaming louder than ever, each choosing a favorite. Most people favorited Archimage and Snake for obvious reasons.


"The last tournament never got finished due to reasons we all know. Tonights opening fight will be in honor of the people who died those days, the shortest war in the history of Gielnor, against one man. A man who two of our combatants here killed. Please give a hand to Snake and Archimage, two amazing people who stopped the darkness from ultimately consuming our world."


Lots of applause. Snake didn't pay much attention. He didn't want applause for something that ended up being so simple. He may have died and been inflicted with many painful scars, but it was still all in a days work for him.


The King pulled a knife from a jewel encrusted scabbard at his hip, and cut the ropes binding a large piece of paper that contained the names of the combatants, and who they were facing in the first realm.


It figured. Snake was fighting Xarosen, and Archimage was facing some nobody who's legs were now shaking uncontrollably.


"For tonights opening fight, we have a special guest, please welcome Sir Amik Varze!"


Varze suddenly appeared in the middle of the arena, sword drawn, and raising his arms in the air.


"Tonight, in honor of the men who died in the battles two years ago, he will..."


People were all quiet now, waiting to hear what he would say.


"...Sing the battle cry of the Falador Knights."


Snake groaned. Not another comedian. That's all he needed was another idiot in his life.


Thus, the crowd had to listen to the worst singer in the history of terrible. Varze may be a hero of the land, but if he wanted to keep it that way, he should shut his mouth.


Snake tapped his foot impatiently. Come on...


After the song, their was mild applause, and many bewildered looks.


The King clapped some more, and then screamed out, "LET THE BATTLES BEGIN!"

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Taking Biographies you say? Take my old biography from Snake and Noob.




I can't remember your biography, but you might have noticed you are in the story. :lol:

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"Hello darkness my old friend,


I've come to talk with you again.




Chapter 2: Shadow Assassins


It came as no surprise to Snake that he would blank out on the stairs as he was called for the first battle. His eyes grew foggy, and Archimage noticed this rather fast. He grabbed Snake and shook him, muttering an obscenity as Snake continued to stare off in his paralyzed state.


Xarosen noticed this, and laughed as he entered the arena. He stood in the middle, and pointed a dark, shadowy finger at Snake.


"Look! He feints at the mere sight of me." He laughed evily.


Archimage threw his hand up. "King, give him five minutes, he has been having visions lately, he never tells me what they are of, but he only tells me that he thinks something bad is about to happen. Something worse than the necromancer."


The King yelled back, "We will wait five minutes then."




Snake was surrounded by darkness, seemingly endless. Nothing moved except for Snake, and he felt nothing.


In front of him, the darkness made way for even more darkness. Snake embraced it, treated it as a friend. In return, the darkness stabbed him, painfully mauled him. Snake could not feel it, or react to it, but he knew it was happening, somehow. It was weird. He just stood there, nothing appearing except for the occasional glimmer of light, light that he would reach out to with both body and mind, but would suddenly disappear before him.


Then, something appeared behind him, and grabbed him violently, it's wings encasing his whole body. They would then levitate away.




That is when Snake awoke. He started to gasp.


"What was it?" Archimage asked, pouring water over his head.


"Some kind of angel in the darkness." Snake said. He then threw up on the stairs.


Snake rubbed some of the water off of his face and then walked toward the arena, and entered it.


"Sorry about that interruption. I keep getting these visions, you know? Ever had them? Passed out of this reality, into a seperate one?" Xarosen shook his head, his eyebrow raised.


The King stood and laughed. "It is about time for us to get to the fights! Now then, let us start the fights of the night with a hero of the land against a person we have little interest in."


Xarosen looked up at the King and smirked comedically.




Some fighters at this point were going inside to take advantage of the free bar. Among these was Blue Jay, a cop who was known for having a giant, mutated Blue Jay as a pet. Nobody knew his real name, though some speculated it was Vince. Some liked to call him Homer though, because that was his favorite comedian.


As he sat at the bar, and ordered a cold one, he noticed that he was the only one. Where had everyone else gone?


The bartender put the mug in front of his customer, and then noticed that no one else was showing up.


"Free beer usually draws a few people." He remarked, pulling a rag from below the bar and taking a dirty mug in hand.


"Where'd that dirty mig come from?" Blue Jay asked.


"This one? It's not dirty, but we bartenders have an image to uphold, you know?"


Blue Jay nodded.


"Don't we all?"




Snake met the fire ball head on, and the ball split in two when it contacted him.


Xarosen watched as his opponnet walked out of the fire ball, unscathed. Snake then drew his sword from his back and ran towards Xarosen.


Xarosen directed a wind spell at his feet, and flew into the air, escaping a brutal swipe from Snake that would have cut him in half from shoulder to hip.


Xarosen landed, and then threw a dozen ants on the arena. The ants suddenly grew into dog sized creatures.


"I have trained over the past couple years to be a master with animals, as well as with magic!"


Snake smiled. "You've failed both."


The ant's heads suddenly exploded, the brains and blood splattering all over Xarosen, and then getting all over the arena, and the people around it.


Some people laughed, some cried, and some were plain disgusted, including the King, who lunged for a sack that one of his guards had.




"Sir, what are you doing having a tournament like this if you can't take a couple head explosions?" The knight asked, holding the bag up for the King.


"It's still exciting, I just find that ants are disgusting, and giant ones even more so."




Snake took this opening to flip his sword so that he held the blade, and then smack Xarosen across the forehead with the hilt.


Xarosen snapped sideways, and fell to the canvas. Whether he was bleeding or not was hard to tell.


"SNAKE WINS!" Yelled the King, apparently his violent fit was over.


Snake then looked up toward the sky, noticing a human figure with wings. An angel, like in his vision?


Or a demon?


Or neither?




Snake left the ring and then walked over to Archimage, pointing toward the figure.


"Where?" Archimage asked.


Snake shook his head. "Nowhere, just my eyes playing with me."


Archimage nodded.


The king stood. "That is the opening to what I know will be a great tournament. Tonight, festivities will take place in the courtyard behind me, including various merchants, clowns, and other characters we can all enjoy. Fighters will also be sitting out there, signing autographs, and talking to you of the importance of fighting with safety in mind."


Snake bobbed his head. He knew he had fans. That's all he wanted to do was read an excerpt from his autobiography to them, or tell them to not smoke.

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