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One Small Favour

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I started this quest today.


In the monsters section of this guide it said:


Monsters: Dwarven gangster (level 49), Big Wolf (Level 73), Slagilith (level 92)




In part 14 of this guide it said:


14: The gnome:


Talk to the gnome on White Wolf Mountain. He will thank you for the Guthix Rest and say he might be able to expand the route to the Feldip Hills, for one small favour. All you have to do is walk to Catherby and ask Arhein for some T.R.A.S.H. which is a special rope, making the gnome flyer lighter and more capable of going to Feldip Hills.




This is false because to get to the gnome you have to travel through White Wolf mountain, thus traveling through not only the Big Wolf but also the White wolves-2- and White Wolves. And according to the Tip.it bestiary database they are both aggressive.




Also, I just fought the level 92 Slagilith in part 21 of the guide. I fought him first with a rune halberd and I ran out of food quickly so I ran away. After that I tried fighting it with a rune pickaxe and killed him much quicker and ate less food. I noticed that it made sense since it's made out of rock. Against the Pickaxe the Slagilith is much weaker.

Don't cry because it ended, smile because is happened.

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