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Unofficial CC is forsakenmage. Wrong forum btw, should be in Help and Advice.

Ah, this reminds me about the noob on the Runescape forums who was upset with the quest "Cold War" because apparently his grandparents died in the war. :wall:
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You can find complete information here:








Chat Name: Hyt


Owner: ForsakenMage


Primary Use: Hang out and chat with other Tip.it regulars


Last Updated: 01 March 2009




Additional Info:


This is not an official staff-endorsed chat. Please do not advertise this chat as the official Tip.it clan chat. All rule updates will be in this color.




This chat does not house Jagex staff members. If you are seeking to have your RuneScape accounts unbanned, unmuted, have black marks deleted, etc., please use customer support instead.






1.) All RuneScape rules apply. Please do not come into the chat expect immunity from the game rules. You may be reported if you are found breaking them.


1a.) A Note to Wanna-Be-Moderators - If you're just coming to the chat to look for things to report, leave. Being a vigilante will not make you a player moderator any faster. If you think something is reportable in the chat, I highly recommend you check the context first. I am sick and tired of hearing people getting reported for things entirely out of context.


2.) Keep spam to a minimum.If you are using quick chat, please be sure you're using it within conversational reason.


2a.) Due to multiple abuses of the slight freedom given for the ASCII art, party hats, ice creams, etc. are no longer allowed. Emoticons are the only exception.


3.) No sexual/racial jokes, commentary, etc. We wish to have an open-minded safe environment for our players without the need to degrade others.


4.) Keep controversial topics to a minimum. Should the conversation get too heated, you will be asked to tone it down or change topics.


5.) If you have a problem with a chat moderator, please PM ForsakenMage on the forums.


6.) Any impersonation of users of the chat can and will result in impersonating accounts banned from the chat, no questions asked. It is especially offensive to impersonate a chat moderator. You will be banned on sight from the chat if caught doing this.


7.) Please do not ask for chat moderator status, rank, etc. Your requests will be ignored and may decrease your chances of becoming a chat moderator should we require more in the future. Further pestering may result in you being temporarily banned from the chat.


8.) Please do not incite fights with other clan chats, i.e. spam wars, "That Chat Is Better Than This," etc. Our chat is not engaged with these activities. Do not go into other people's chats to advertise ours. That is very disrespectful.


9.) Please do not bring up any Tip.it forum or IRC bans to our chat. The chat is not your ban appeals request form, nor is it your place to whine and gripe about your bans. Any evidence of such actions can result in you being temporarily to permanently banned from the chat.


10.) If you wish to appeal your ban from the chat itself, please PM ForsakenMage on the forums. Do not use a third party to try to appeal.


11.) Have fun! Treat others as you want to be treated and you will be fine. :)




Chat Moderators


All chat moderators must be able to maintain a somewhat stable environment in the chat. Any abuse of powers reported can result in removal of your powers, and depending on severity, can you result in you being banned from the chat. Chat moderators are ranked Captain (silver star) and above. Please bear in mind that becoming a chat moderator will not increase your chances of becoming a player moderator in the game.




We are continually adjusting things so that there is a chat moderator around the clock to assist you. If there is a problem and there are no chat moderators available, please PM ForsakenMage so that the ignore list can be compiled as appropriate. Please also make sure you use the report abuse button as necessary.


99 Hits, Attack, Strength, Defence, Mage, Summoning, Slayer, Ranged, 96/99 Prayer

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