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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday :)

  4. You should tell us what you're training on/fighting. There's no single best armor at any given level for all circumstances.
  5. That's still opportunity cost; you could have sold the herbs. Besides there are better ways to make money than collecting herbs making them more time-efficient.
  6. That's probably the biggest load of BS I've ever read on this forum. Sorry. You'll also note that there were many Christians involved in the abolition movement and later the 1960s civil rights movement which had many of its leaders actively involved in their respective churches. Please read the Bible more often before you attempt to call me out. The Bible gives directions on how to sell your daughter into slavery, and it says one of the sons of Noah is destined to be slaves of the other brothers. http://www.evilbible.com/Slavery.htm For more information of slavery in the Bible. Never try to call me out on a subject because of your ignorance. The New Testament explains (think it's in Romans, I know the specific passage is by Paul concerning marriage and divorce) that parts of the Old Testament law were compromises with the Israelites who would not have accepted some of the things God would have wanted for them (Paul talks specifically about how Moses allowed divorce for them as a consolation). Either way the Old Testament law does not apply to Christians. This is very clear; it's the reason that Christians can eat pork and don't have to offer sacrifices. Besides, this "selling your daughter to be a sex slave" basically amounts to a temporary arranged marriage. Arranged marriages have been the norm throughout most of human history and is still widespread; if you considered it to be an atrocity you would be in the minority.
  7. llamster


    Haha that's exactly it. I have no idea why everybody thinks about Iraq when they see this movie, the plot is far more based on the European conquest of the Americas. I thought they could have done more with the graphics; there weren't as many big landscape shots as I would have liked.
  8. [bleep] that. Free speech. If people don't like what you say, fine, they can start talking back. Eventually you'll be shunned, if what you say is such poison. There will be social repercussions. But being executed for speech is [developmentally delayed]ed. If someone says something hurtful, talk to them about it and explain why it's wrong. But if you want to kill them for it, maybe go [bleep] yourself. That's not speech; it's harassment. While I do agree that it would be dumb to hold the girls accountable for Phoebe's death that doesn't mean that what they did was okay.
  9. That's true, but America has changed a pot since it was founded. I mean, for example religous tolerence back in the day was very low, and blacks? Enslaved! It's my opinion that while keeping with the original intentions of the founding fathers is important, there will be certain changes that will require us to stray off of their idea of a country heavily based on Christian values if it becomes clear that Christian values are infringing upon the rights of the people. Edit: almost forgot, thanks for getting rid of those trolls. What have you two been smoking? The founding fathers specifically stated that this wasn't a christian nation, and religious influence has been steadily increasing since then, not decreasing. In fact the main reason for people coming here was religious freedom. Upholding the founding fathers wishes would mean having no religious interference in the government unlike what we have now. And besides, many of the founding fathers weren't Christians.
  10. 3.What do you mean by marriage? staying with their mates? 5. Ok so they are the basis of it,but where theymeant to be/do they have to be so vast? 3. I guess. Marriage is society's way of guaranteeing (or at least increasing the chance of ) that. 5. It's just more economically viable. If you look at developed nations versus developing the former have much more population in the cities.
  11. I think other posters have answered the other questions sufficiently, so 3. Humans are meant for marriage in general, be it monogamous or polygamous. Random affairs would destroy the family unit and make it harder to raise children. 5. Cities are the basis of industrial civilization. The modern technology and high standard of living that developed countries enjoy are a result of high urbanization. Also, even if you believe that humans are evolved from more primitive species (I don't) it doesn't mean that all human behavior is a direct result of natural influences and that sort of thing. Challenges that a hypothetical human ancestor might have faced in nature aren't necessarily relevant to us.
  12. I just went and did about 25; I felt kinda foolish, but hopefully they work.
  13. Farmville? lol. There was a huge controversy surrounding Linkin Park because they were listened to by the Columbine shooters. It pretty much acted like an immense PR campaign and got a lot of people listening to their music. Wasn't that another shooting? I don't think Linkin Park was even around in 1999.
  14. OHHHHHHHHHHH.... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  15. Pretty good. Don't use more than one exclamation mark; if you want to add emphasis just capitalise the phrase (like, "NOW CHARGE!"). The battle could use a bit more detail.
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