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RSN is penderwyll (level 121 p2p)




I am looking for the following in a clan, others need not apply:

    [*:31090k9x]Small community of less than 25 members, who are content being a small clan. Preferably with the majority of members NOT over 130 combat
    [*:31090k9x]Highly active in-game
    [*:31090k9x]Regular boss hunting trips (I've never really been before) plus informal ones
    [*:31090k9x]Skilling opportunities
    [*:31090k9x]Decent looking forum and runehead design and a ranking system that I can accept.




In terms of replies, I would like to have text only replies, giving: the clan name, a link to the runehead member list, a link to the forums, and a short description of why the clan is a decent community. This stipulation is to see how many people bother to read through my entire post, and care enough to tailor their response to my request.

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