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Jagex Preview : Changes to the Offence System

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Jagex have dropped us a sneak-preview of some changes they'll be making to the Offence System in the near future.


Our key objectives when designing our new offence system were:


  • [*:fqs6gdie]Introduce deteriorating offences
    [*:fqs6gdie]To revise and simplify rules across all of our games
    [*:fqs6gdie] Increase player understanding of our rules
    [*:fqs6gdie]Continue to ensure that serious offenders are removed from the game




For these key points Jagex also went into some depth about a lot of the changes they intend to implement.


Black Marks




Weve removed black marks entirely. Well have a replacement for them, but there wont be any confusing numbers associated to your account anymore. Well have a visual display of any offences on your account to help you understand where you stand.






The Reporting Interface




Although some of the rules have had their names tweaked, there havent been many changes to the look and feel of the reporting interface. One thing we will be doing is grouping the rules into one of three categories to make it easier for players to report under the correct rules.






Forums and in-game offences tied together




In the past, in-game and forum offences were completely separate. Were changing this to make in-game offences tie in with forum offences; so if you break a rule in game and youre muted, youll also be unable to post on the forums.






Appeal all offences




Players will now be able to appeal any offences against their account, regardless of when they were committed.






Degrading Offences




We understand that people make mistakes, so now offences will degrade over time and eventually vanish from players accounts. Any very old, small offences you had against your account will be removed when the new offence system is launched, and players who show that theyve learned from their past mistakes and avoid breaking rules will, over time, have offences removed from their accounts.




And finally, some reassurance for those of you that are worried this will make it easier for rule breakers:


Wed just like to end by assuring you that the above changes will not affect the way we deal with genuinely disruptive players. Everyone who was permanently banned for serious rule breaks will remain permanently banned we arent relaxing our rules or making them easier to get away with, were just making things fairer.




Of course, well provide more information on the day of launch with a nice big news post, but until then I hope what weve outlined sounds good.




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