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    Yeah not too bad thanks, Been a long time since the IRC days. 😀 How about you?
  2. MageUK


    Ha - not quite, I never was much of a moderator, that's what @Cowman_133 is here for. I just keep (most) things functional. That being said, the upgrades have provided some additional anti-spam measures which should hopefully help a bit. We'll see. All good, the previous outages were due to non-payment of the bill (beyond my control) - that won't be happening any more. Outages will only be due to some kind of hardware or network failure, not counting me messing up a configuration somewhere. 😐 Both the forum and site have been moved to new servers and updated to facilitate that move.
  3. MageUK


    Just because you don't see me doesn't mean I'm not here. If I wasn't here the forums and site both wouldn't be either.
  4. MageUK


    Unfortunately this is what happens when we go about 6 years without upgrades, they all come at once instead of gradually. The old version was no longer maintainable. 😕 You can login with your username but you would need to login with Tesset as your old login name no longer exists. Display names and login names were merged to be display names only. You can of course take that as your display name if it's available.
  5. This particular issue is fixed, but that is not the only thing causing browsers to think there is mixed content. I also believe I've fixed media not being secure as well. It's true that Google is rating HTTPS sites higher than HTTP, that is why we switched entirely, but some mixed content on the site does not change the fact that the actual site content is requested and displayed over HTTPS, a couple of images here and there don't make the site insecure by default, it just means any data sent when requesting that particular resource is not encrypted. You could have HTTP images all over the login form but as long as the form posts to a HTTPS endpoint it doesn't compromise anything. This will basically never happen due to the nature of forums. You might get the odd page where you get lucky and the bar is green because every resource is requested over HTTPS, but these will likely be the minority. This is due to the fact we display content provided by users, and we don't host all of it. Case in point: no page that you post on can ever have the forum marked secure because your signature contains an image requested over HTTP.
  6. I've fixed this, it was patched a long time ago in our SwiftKit implementation but was somehow missed in our own parser.
  7. I've fixed your first link to redirect to the correct page in case there are any other uncaught broken links to the Smithing Planner. Thanks :)
  8. It seems the way those BBCodes are parsed slightly changed and having multiple lists inside an existing list element doesn't work so well any more. Getting rid of those extra points won't be particularly fun. No big deal, anyway.
  9. You saw nothing. LOL :XD: I can point out one spot that there's still work to be done. :P <*aims a finger at the "View Forum Rules" link above*> It seems the Bullets got broke around the same time... Tripped over it by accident. :( ~D. V. "Who knows what else I'll trip over?" Devnull Not sure what you mean? Can you provide a screenshot?
  10. A mistake in the permissions, it's fixed now.
  11. Yes we suffered some unplanned maintenance this morning, but I am not sure what you mean by "yet again". Third party monitoring shows that the main website at www.tip.it rarely ever suffers downtime.
  12. Seems like it's an actual forum bug, I've reported it, in the meantime you'll just have to use your workaround. :P
  13. What skin are you using? Works fine for me on the Tip.It one unless I'm misunderstanding the problem.
  14. Forum is back (if you didn't guess :P) and the character conversion seems to have gone well (as well as the move). I have emptied the RuneScape News forum and it should begin to repopulate itself as new articles are posted. Seems like there's not a huge amount of historical value in keeping the topics with the broken names.
  15. The server move isn't about power, I want to potentially switch our Operating System. We are virtualised so I can assign power where necessary to get the conversion task done as quickly as possible.
  16. There will be some forum downtime during the morning (UTC) and possibly afternoon as well. I am going to be attempting a conversion of our forum character set from the current one to UTF-8. This should hopefully future proof us and also fix the problems that the RuneScape News bot has been experiencing (multi-posting, weird characters). I will be maintaining a full backup of the old database should anything weird happen to any of the other characters, but this shouldn't happen. The conversion itself will take some time, as every column in every row of every database table needs to be examined and if necessary, converted. This is much like the original process when we converted from phpBB to IPB, in that everything needs to be traversed. That being said, I wrote this character conversion script myself and optimised it to be multi-threaded in order to expedite this transition, and so the time should be far less for the character conversion itself (around 5 hours). However, I may also be potentially moving us to a different server, and if so, this will make the process take a bit longer, this is still undecided, but rest assured we'll be back online ASAP. The forum will be totally unavailable while the conversion is taking place, and you will not even be able to access the offline page.
  17. Why would your pass hash change? Did you change your password? If not, it's not going to change. If someone managed to sniff your cookies you have a lot more to worry about than them getting hold of that hash.
  18. You seem oddly concerned about security for someone running a web browser that is 11 versions and 14 months out of date. That being said, I've changed the cookie name and domain to be more specific, this is going to result in everyone being logged out but should clear up any problems with these old cookies, you can delete them if you wish. The new cookies are prefixed with tifc_. As per usual, if you visit the account problem page, this will completely log you out of the forum, this is intentional and for good reason.
  19. Should be sorted now, was to do with a stray </div> in the ad code.
  20. This has been like that ever since we migrated to 3.3 (probably 2 years ago now) and it's not going to go away until we do a full UTF-8 migration, aka back migrating all posts in a similar kind of way to when we first imported from phpBB, every post would need to be converted, I do want to do this at some point though. Fixed. Not sure what's going on here, it may be trying to de-duplicate the entries based on the name which of course is a bit messed up because of the character set.
  21. The :grin: (http://forum.tip.it/public/style_emoticons/dark_skin/icon_e_biggrin.gif) and :P (http://forum.tip.it/public/style_emoticons/dark_skin/tongue.gif) are the only ones I've noticed so far. The first just shows as an empty box and the second as a colon-capital p inside a box. Again, this is just on the mobile version. In Firefox they display properly. Both of those should be fixed now.
  22. Argh! New Problem! Direct login at :arrow: https://forum.tip.it/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login won't stay fully secure now! Please force any off-site requests to use HTTPS, especially on that page! This is making my FireFox Browser's mixed content warning go off with an alert every time, and I've had to tell NoScript to temporarily force HTTPS for two of google's domain areas until you can fix it, just to get the data without having it go non-full-secure! This can't be overlooked, especially for privacy-conscious/security-conscious users, as the newest FireFox Browsers will likely simply cut those requests off and damage the page! :wall: Also, why are links going purple in the editor, instead of white/gray?!?!? It makes them evilly hard to see on the Tip.It Theme! Please fix this too!!! :uhh: ~D. V. "I would be the one to hit some of the nastiest bugs!!!" Devnull (p.s.: Please excuse the overuse of exclamation marks... I'm rather rattled right now.) UPDATE #1: Just discovered I can't check on Likes that I've given to others. Please restore the feature when you can... I miss it! :pray: ~D. V. "Yeah, I do like to look back at some odd things." Devnull (p.s.: I fully understand this item will be low priority, but if it can eventually be restored, please do!) The login is still fully secure, we just need to look at how we're handling our adverts on that page. Adverts should be disabled on the login pages now. The links being purple means you've visited them, this does need tweaking on the Tip.It Theme to make them more readable. Link colours should be fixed in the editor now. The likes issue has already been mentioned above, it's not that you can't check on posts you've liked, we just lost the given likes in the update, which wasn't supposed to happen. Perhaps this wasn't what you were talking about, but I've restored the ability to see who has liked your posts. You seem to be saying there was a search which showed you posts you have liked? I didn't know this existed in 3.3 and if it's missing in 3.4 I won't be coding something up to replace it...
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