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  1. Hi Arceus, Yes, the quest page is what I was talking about. Thank you, I was able to get it to work later last evening. Thank you for your help.
  2. there is a problem with the adventurer's log lookup. when I enter my Runescape username and click the lookup it will quickly show how many quests there are and then it goes back to the main screen. It will not allow me to click on show completed quests. I use this feature a lot when I am questing because it helps me see what quests are completed and what quests are not. Is there someone who can fix this issue? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. When is the next double or bonus XP weekend going to be for Dungeoneering. I had read a headline about a week ago and I haven't seen any more about it.
  4. It is working now. Thank you very much. I use this a lot when I am questing for several days at a time.
  5. There seems to be a problem with the adventuerer's log lookup again. When I go to the quest guide and enter my name and click lookup I get a message that says there are no completed quests found. Can anyone tell me why this is not working? There were some other issues with the adventurerer's log lookup last fall and they were fixed and it was working just fine, but in the last month it has stopped working again. Thank you in advance for any information that will help with this issue.
  6. Is there going to be a 10 year veteran's cape for all the member's who have played Runescape for ten year's or more? I have heard people asking about it, so I thought I would ask the question.
  7. I tried it and it works. Thank you very much.
  8. It is now Dec. 1st and the problem has not yet been fixed. It is getting very frustrating.
  9. mtaurus59

    Quest list

    The adventurer's log is still not working. It has not worked for several months. Can anyone give me an idea as to when it maybe up and working again? Thanks
  10. Mine isn't working yet, either. I checked it today Oct. 25th.
  11. Thank you. I will check back in a few days.
  12. The adventurer's log lookup is still not working!!!! This issue really needs to be addressed by the tip.it techs.
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