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And seeing as most people will look to post count, 4? what have you been doing here lol >>..>>



Felix, je moeder.

Je moeder felix

Je vader, felix.

Felix, je oma.

Felix, je ongelofelijk gave pwnaze avatar B)

Felix, je moeder.


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lol i put sample because its my drawing and yeah ill of course send a picture to them without them.




my post count is low because i tend to read more then anything i wish there was a top views counter.




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Most people like to see there pixels a lot round the place, as it is like free advertising for them. They won't bother with 4 post counts, as no one will see them at all. Yeah, I understand it is for your 99 blog, but I don't think half of Tip.It looks at it.

My relaxation method involves a bottle of lotion, beautiful women, and partial nudity. Yes I get massages.



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