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dashing kebbit fur?


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for the varrok achievement diary i need to trade two dashing kebbit furs for a spottier cape. The problem is i don't have 69 hunter and dashing kebbit fur doesn't buy easily on the g.e. I was wondering if anyone could pherhapes get me two, if they are already there. (add me in game upercut638 and pm me) i'll buy them. Or is there a shop somewhere that sells them?




thank you




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It took me like 2 minutes to buy 2 at max. Put your offer in and go work on the diary. You will have them soon enough.


[hide=Drops]Barrows: Ahrim's Robeskirt (2)

Dragon: Plateskirt (3) : Left Halfs (2) : Med Helm (1) : Boots (14) : Spear (3)

Treasure Trails: Sara Platebody (1)

Slayer: Leaf Bladed Sword (9) : Granite Helm (3) : Granite Maul (1) : Black Mask (3) : Abyssal Whip (2)

Other: Obby Cape (1) : Obby Maul (2)

Splits: Shield Left Half (1) : Dragon Med Helm (4)[/hide]

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